If Ralph were to write his own list of “good against evil” how would it differ from that of Robinson Crusoe and why? In this section I am going to explain about the differences between the language of Ralph and Robinson Crusoe. Also I am going to discuss the different types of language that are used in the English language. I am going to compare Crusoe’s good and evil column to one Ralph might write. I will also be writing two extracts from both novels and analysing the language and different styles both of the writers use.

Lastly I will be comparing the difference in the number of words in a sentence and paragraphs in the two novels. There are three different types of English language these are: Latin based English, French based English and Anglo Saxon based English. Latin based English is the most complicated out of all three but still everyone uses it just because people do not use Latin does not mean that we don’t use Latin based English anymore Latin based English uses words like: Resurgence, nation and assist. French based English is not as complicated as Latin based English and it uses words like: people, aid, virtue and flame.

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Anglo Saxon based English is the simplest of them all, it uses words like: help, goodness, fire and folk. All of the three different types are used in everyday English language. In ‘ Robinson Crusoe’ both Defoe and Crusoe use mostly Latin based English this is because at the time it was more common to use a lot of Latin based English. Crusoe used Latin based English this is because Defoe wanted to portray him as an intelligent man. But now because of the change in education people use this less of it but that doesn’t mean we don’t use is at all.

When Ralph speaks he uses mostly Anglo Saxon based English this is because he is only a young boy. Whereas when Golding narrates he uses a wider range of vocabulary, I think this makes you think that there are two different people who are writing the story. When Defoe narrates he uses mostly French based language because at the time of the novel it was more common to speak using French based English. When Ralph Speaks he uses mostly Anglo Saxon based English this is because he is only 11 years old and not finished his academic years.