Revolution reason for the revolution in America,

Revolution is considered to be the struggle of the society against the political and social regime people disagree with. Such wars are believed to be the most devastating. People of the one nation kill each other trying to prove their position. The revolutions usually have different reasons, depending on the country and the political, social and economic situation there, however, the period of 1715 – 1914 is the time when most of the European countries and the Countries of America were involved in revolutionary struggle.

Even though the wars we are going to discuss were led by different nations and were provoked by various events, the main idea of these rebellions was the same, people wanted independence. The beginning of the rebellions at the approximately the same time is explained by the similar problems win the world which required solution.

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Dwelling upon the situation during this time period, it may be concluded that the whole world was in the situation of pre-revolution condition, however, some countries managed to cope with the struggles locally, while others contributed greatly to the development of the situation in the whole world. Considering the revolutions in America, France, and Latin America, it is possible to state that one of the most important functions these revolutions served for was the spread of the Enlightenment ideas (Simpson, & Jones, 2000).

The main reason for the revolution in America, France, and Latin America was the desire for independence. Americans were the part of the British colonies and wanted to separate from the island and begin independent life. French people wanted to get rid of absolute monarchy.

The Latin America revolutions followed the ones which took place in America and France and they were also aimed at getting rid of colonialism (Corvisier, & Childs, 1994). The revolutions at the territories of the countries were provided at different time periods of the 18th century, but they were really important for the whole world as one of the main results of those revolutions was the creation of the new states.

Considering the reasons of the revolutions, such issues as demographic, social, political, financial, etc should be referred to. People wanted to be free and this desire made those dependant on other particular aspects where freedom was important as well. The North American colonies, France and Latin America suffered from serious political and social problems, high taxes and other financial concerns (Bentley, Ziegler, & Streets, 2008).

Having too many specific similarities in the reasons, causes, and further influence of the revolutions on these particular countries, the beginning of the wars was absolutely different. The thirteen British colonies wanted an independence from Great Britain and simultaneously aroused in rebellions.

The reforms and terroristic ruling of the country made people take the weapon and struggle for its rights. Many repressive actions from the side of the government preceded the revolution in France. In addition, as it has already been mentioned, Latin Americans wanted to follow American and French success and they were also encouraged by the European mood where people wanted independence.

Therefore, the revolutions in France, America and Latin America were based on the similar reasons and causes and resulted in forming new government. These revolutions were very important for the whole world as the formation of the new countries impacted the political situation in the whole world.

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