The NiQuitin CQ article and the NHS poster

The purpose of the article and the poster are to persuade people to quit smoking and to persuade them to take their option of quitting. The NiQuitin CQ advertisement promotes their product and the NHS poster promotes their courses. The NiQuitin CQ article and the NHS poster both use sophisticated writing techniques to convince the audience to buy the nicotine replacement patches or to start the courses. The NHS poster uses a headline divided into three short sentences for a dramatic effect. In the headline it also uses a paradox.

The effect on the audience of this is that they stick in the mind of the reader as they are reflective of their actions because they tried to stop smoking but started again. In the headline it uses an abbreviation which tells the reader that the language in this is informal and colloquial. The third sentence is a rhetorical question which makes the reader think about the question. The text also includes numerous personal pronouns which involves the reader and makes them feel like they are being spoken to and therefore, special. In addition to this it uses ellipses.

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This is a technique that creates a cliffhanger; resulting in a more dramatic effect. It includes a pun. The word used as the pun is “price”. This can mean that it is a financial price and a price on health. This will shock the audience and also scare them. The bullet points make it simple and quick to read. The NiQuitin CQ article uses many language techniques. The language used is formal. It uses a sympathetic approach which is very appealing to the reader. The plan makes the reader feel special as it seems like the company really care about the people who enter the program.

In the post script it says good luck which makes it seem like the company care about those that buy into the program. The company makes it seem as if they really know what they are doing. This is because they use facts. They declare that their product is scientifically- proven and that the plan is based on scientific research and clinical experience. Moreover, the company uses opinions; conversely, it is a factual article. This article also uses personal pronouns to involve the reader. They make the reader feel special a those that buy into the product will receive a tailor-made plan.

They will also receive advice and encouragement. There are many differences and similarities between these two pieces. They are both trying to persuade smokers to quit and to promote what there solution is. They are aimed at different age groups, with different incomes and those with different amounts of free time. The NHS courses are free and so is the nicotine replacement therapy they provide. Conversely, the NiQuitin CQ nicotine patches and the stop smoking plan are not free. They both use personal pronouns to involve the reader and make them feel special.

The NHS poster is informal and the NiQuitin CQ article is formal. They are presented differently one in the form of a poster and the other in columns. Both articles are very good at persuading people to give up smoking. The NiQuitin CQ article is written to sell their product whereas the NHS poster is to try and improve health in the country. I consider the NHS poster to be better than the NiQuitin CQ article because it can appeal to a wider range of people. Both are very good at persuading people to stop because, but the NHS poster is better as it offers free courses and free nicotine replacement therapy.