Reminding Reaffirming that this resolution will support

Reminding all nations that the main goal for this resolution is putting a dent in the Iraqi war by securing all borders and coming to aid the people in need of help. The effectiveness of the Iraqi forces controlling some areas along these borders is improving but, with our help as a committee we can control all borders. The success of these efforts may also play a significant role in the eventual outcome of the security situation in Iraq. Reaffirming that this resolution will support Iraq and their needs by donating money to secure Iraq’s borders which includes the use of joint patrols with neighboring countries. By securing their borders we will be preventing the expansion of the instability and conflict beyond Iraq’s borders. Noting that it took two years for Iraq before authorities recognized the importance of the borders sufficiently to take significant actions and commit substantial resources to stop the flow of fighters and munitions into Iraq. It has been a hard earned lesson, costly in lives and resources, but it does appear that this vital first step is now being taken. Stressing that the history of Iraq’s borders represents the first step in formulating a solution to the current problems encountered on those same borders today. Over the past three years, understanding of these borders’ importance for Iraq’s security, on the part of both the Iraqis and the Coalition forces, has waxed and waned.Encourages all nations to collaborate as one instead of fighting with the ones who we aren’t allied with. Requests an amount of any sort be donated to one of the three charities to go towards helping the people in iraq.Calls for the development of trust to be built between one another so we can all feel safe when focusing on one problem. Regardless of the various factions arguing that a particular border should be 10 kilometers to the north or the south, the reality of the border as a boundary between political entities recognized by the international law clearly matters. Here in iraq the borders are a matter of life and death.Demonstrating the importance of borders to military operations especially counterinsurgency operations is simple enough. In short, until the borders are controlled and weapons ammunition and combatants are interdicted the odds of actually defeating any insurgency are low.