Regent particularly interested in the optional course

Regent Business School’s
reputation as a top ranking UK private business school offers excellent career
and personal development. I am attracted to Regent Business School’s
renowned taught programmes with teachers and scholars who provide the most up
to date research. I believe my international experiences and background as a
Tibetan from India will contribute to the diversity of Regent Business School’s
community. Having spoken to alumni, I am assured of your excellent student and
campus life.

The MA Global Management
(Finance) Programme would give me the business knowledge and skills to work in
a fast paced environment where I will be able to apply my analytical and
creative skills to produce solutions for business teams.
In the future, I want to work as an investment banker, specializing in equity.
I am particularly interested in the optional course E-Business
Management. London’s location as the
financial capital of Europe offers the opportunity to work for key clients and
investors and also participate in the markets of America, Europe and Japan
within one working day.

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I am interested in the financial
world as it combines the intellectual stimulation of financial matters
with the opportunity to participate in global markets.
My personal interest in shares has sparked my desire to work in finance because
I witnessed the benefit of expert financial advice
for businesses. I believe my analytical nature, “number crunching”
approach to every day issues and problem solving skills
are suited for financial world.

For the past one and half years, I worked within
the corporate culture of Infosys and as a consultant to a startup Company.
These experiences have enhanced my commercial awareness both at the micro and
macro level. As a Junior Engineer at Infosys Technologies, I developed organizational and management skills such as attention to
detail and creative problem solving skills through delivering client’s needs
and demands. I managed the SCI (one of the leading death care companies in
North America) project where I handled client services, application development
and maintenance. During my tenure, the client ratings were raised from an all
time low to an all time high of 6/7. As a consultant
to Pied Solutions, I worked with their operations and business units to bring
in new business. We were able to implement projects including a music jukebox
interface for a major Indian radio station.

My degree in computer science has taught me how
to methodically break down every situation into smaller modules and then to
tackle them logically and systematically. This has taught me critical reasoning
and how to think out of the box. One of my final projects at college involved a
simulation of a football free kick. I developed various equations to determine
how much the ball would move with the applied spin and force along with its

It is my hope that my solid
academic background, commercial awareness and skills, and passion for financial
services will demonstrate that I am an ideal candidate for this course.