Recently, does not become a tyrannical governing

Recently, the United States Department of Labor is increasing the previous limit on penalties for violation of OSHA rules; states are meant to follow this precedent and adjust the rate each year to work with inflation. Companies should be mindful of these new regulations and keep an eye out for OSHA inspection especially if it is continual.As mentioned on the OSHA website, most deaths in the construction industry, are because of fall. In this way, a major violation of employers is risky work conditions, causing many workers fall to their fatality. One specific violation recently that the OSHA found was a clear instance of the safety and livelihood put in danger. Because of this finding the companies involved was inspection and given citations. The workers at OSHA and in general many Federal Government workers are working tirelessly to prevent death in industry, especially the construction industry, where it is so common. In terms of falls OSHA started a widespread Fall Prevention Campaign in an attempt to effectively stop the death and injury of construction workers. With this campaign, are various training programs to prevent more company violations and more importantly more innocent deaths. OSHA has a great role in preventing violations and dealing with the consequences when they do occur. Overall, though their responsibility is to ensure safe conditions for U.S. workers through strict rules and rigorous training, as well as continual education of prevention and new standards.   OPINIONI feel the federal agency OSHA has a massive role in the current unit of employment law as it is responsible for enforcing workplace safety standards. One of my concerns with OSHA was its relation to home workplace issues as I have a parent who works from home and I wondered if he would have to comply with OSHA standards. I feel OSHA should not take home offices and inspections into account, but rather concern himself with the many hazardous workplace conditions which exist. There are many aspect to OSHA, another being the necessitating of proper documentation of workplace injuries. For example, if an employee dies in a work incident or if five or more employees are subjected to hospitalization, the agency must be notified within two days. These do not apply to at-home workers, such as online employees, but with the growth of social media and internet usage, I feel OSHA may have to soon extend its reach to include all the unsafe conditions, mostly mentally, that workers can be exposed to at home. I also think it is important that OSHA in its violation process leaves the opportunity for employees to file complaints of violations. In this way, the agency does not become a tyrannical governing body, originally meant for good, but turned corrupt in search of profits. Rather it is a two way street to keep workplaces healthy and safe. With this in mind, a worker also can not be fired due to refusal of high-risk work or a high-risk environment, another significant provision. I also thought OSHA’s campaigns were significant as it was not just acting as a federal agency, but going above and beyond to ensure the safety of workers, handling anything from stability of ladders to protection from toxic chemicals. Overall, after thorough research into OSHA, its violations and provisions, I feel this agency is a sound and effective governing body which forces employers to comply with specific standards to keep workplaces safe, keeping everyone accountable for their actions which contribute to workplace safety.