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The term ‘surfing the internet’ was invented because of people’s behavior of randomly roaming from one website to another. Internet surfing essentially involves causal clicking of different web links one after the other in search of similar or related information. As such, it is important to note that internet surfing was only possible after the invention of the World Wide Web.

Given the vast information that is currently available on the internet, most people especially the young adults have found themselves being addicted to internet surfing. However, it should be noted people surf the internet reasons. This paper is therefore an in-depth analysis of the various reasons that make people surf the internet.

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Since the invention of the internet, it is agreeable that it is one of the most important innovations to be made by man. This is because of the many benefits it has proved to have to people of all generations. The list of things that can be done on the internet is endless. First of all, the young adults most of who comprise of students normally surf the internet for educational information, corresponding via electronic mails, chatting with their distant friends and downloading music and applications among other uses (Himanshu 1).

Through surfing the internet, the young adults/ students have been able to share information with their colleagues by creating their own websites that show their interests. Internet surfing has also made it possible for people to share memories via videos and pictures. Students have also had the privilege of attending online classes through internet surfing without having to physically move from their homes.

This has had the benefit of helping students overcome geographical boundaries and be able to study at educational institutions of their choice. The other reason that the young adults and students surf the internet is to reconnect with their old and current friends through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace just to mention a few (Himanshu 1).

The adults surf the internet for various reasons, which include online shopping instead of having to literally move from one shopping mall to another. This way, they manage to save much time that could be utilized in other important matters.

The internet has also made it possible for people to make online payments for instance, using PayPal. This has made it easy for people to carry out transactions faster, without delay of payments as witnessed in most of the cheque system. Surfing the internet also helps in giving information regarding places that people would like to visit for holidays.

Travellers are able to gather information regarding different places and have the option to choosing the best without having to waste time and money travelling to the physical places. In addition to this, children also surf the internet or games, which they play online during holidays. People at work can also surf the internet for games and other leisure materials as they take a break from the busy schedule. In fact, a study conducted in 2009, indicated that surfing the internet by workers increases their productivity (Cheng 1).

From the aforementioned reasons of surfing the internet, it can be clearly depicted that internet surfing has been of significant help to the lives of almost people in the society regardless of age. The only problem that could arise due to internet surfing is internet addiction that could compromise the roles and obligations of an individual such as studying for the students, working for the employees and even feeding for the young children. As such, it is important that internet surfing is done with limitations to avoid chances of being addicted.

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