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The introduction: the fundamentals of the postwar period

While analyzing the Lessons of World War II by Marshall, there is a need to highlight the fundamentals of the period. So, one is to keep in mind that the postwar period was characterized by successful reconstruction of the economies. It seems that representative institutions appearance was the greatest as well as the most successful event of the postwar period.

The Marshall Plan is considered to be the key aspect of the success Western Europe experienced. Thus, this idea is confirmed by DeLong Bradford and Barry Eichengreen. In other words, one can state that Marshall’s Plan was of great significance for the prosperity of Western Europe.

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Of course, the fact that Marshall’s program had a great success is recognized to be indisputable; however, taking into account the points Marshall’s Plan included, one can state that the importance of the Plan is evident when analyzing alleviating resource shortages. Generally, the main purpose of Marshall’s Plan was to eliminate hunger, and poverty. There is also a need to add that working economy revival was the key aim of the program.

The importance of Marshall’s Plan

It is necessary to point out that fear of financial chaos was regarded as the principal problem in Europe. For this reason, one can make a conclusion that this fear had to be solved with Marshall’s program. On the other hand, nobody can neglect the impact of the psychological affect on people all over the world.

Generally, they say that the reconstruction of Western European countries was much more important than performance of the duties of the East Europeans. Moreover, Cox and Kennedy-Pipe are of the same opinion.

While speaking about Dwight D. Eisenhower’s farewell address, one is to keep in mind that this speech became really legendary. It seems that Eisenhower’s speech had a great impact on the interdependence between the military and defense industry. On the other hand, the role of the universities can’t be neglected. The most important point, which is to be discussed, is the way the power had to be used to protect the interests of the whole world.

So, Eisenhower was sure that crises can’t be avoided; so, for this reason, he recognized the importance of the solutions to resolve various contradictions. The principal aim of the so-called military complex was to establish public policy in relation to American democracy. In other words, the main aim of Eisenhower’s speech was to let know beforehand about dangers of the product of military establishment.

The conclusion: the U.S. economy

While analyzing Johnson’s book and taking into account the above-mentioned points concerning the postwar period, one can make a conclusion that economic state of the USA became more stable. It can sound strange; however, the structural break in the economy of the USA became a necessary step to stabilize its financial state.

When speaking about Marshall’s Plan, one is to keep in mind that Marshall was not the first Western leader who proposed to use American dollars for economic stabilization of Europe. However, he was the only person who led the way. In other words, the peculiar feature of Marshall’s Plan was economic recovery of the whole world. It was obvious, that without his plan, there could be no political stability in the world. On the other hand, without Marshall’s program, peace could be also under the threat.

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