There product. KFC is a franchise business,

There is a coach stop there, when people are waiting for their coach to turn up, they might decide to have something to eat. Lucky for them, McDonalds is right there. McDonalds has a range of good and services. It sells single meals that have a wide selection of choice. It has a wide range of deserts and children meals. McDonalds mostly specialise in burgers. It has a drive through so if customers wanted to take their food away, it would be quicker. McDonalds advertise by having special offers in the shop window and by T. V. McDonalds is a franchise business

Franchises a business that is licensed to use the name, logo and expertise of an existing, well-known and successful business. KFC is located by the A33 Road. When I visited there recently, it was very busy and the car park was very full. This is the right place to have a fast food restaurant as many people go there. This place gets very busy because it is a short distance from the football stadium and there are many shops within the complex. The shops are within easy access of the motorway. When I went there I noticed that there was a bus stop just outside B&Q.

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There was a local football match being played that day so a lot of supporters were thereI noticed that a few went into KFC as it was on the way to the stadium. As there were three fast food restaurants, you would think they wouldn’t do as well. If there were just the one fast food restaurant, it would get too busy and would cause big problems. But as there are three, it is more equalled out. I don’t think that one of these restaurants will have to close. I think this because if there were only two fast food restaurants, they would get too packed.

There is not direct competition because the restaurants cater for different tastesKFC have a range of services and goods. They sell a wide range of meals for a family. They also have a range of single meals. KFC is more of a place for a family. It has a drive through so you wouldn’t have to go and queue up if you wanted to have a take away. KFC advertise by having adds in the shop window and other places. They also advertise by putting an advert on the T. V. When KFC advertise, it’s normally on special offers or a new product. KFC is a franchise business, like McDonalds.