Tromso Skyrace Norway http://www.tromsoskyrace.com

A great technical marathon in Tromso mountains, climbing Tromsdalstinden and Hamperokken. 42km – 4300m.
Glen Coe Skyline Scottland http://www.glencoeskyline.com
A great technical ridge scrambling grade III in Glen Coe. 45km – 4139m.

Elbrus Race  Russia http://elbrusrace.com

A Incredible race from Asau (2000m) to Elbrus summit (5642m) 

Lenin Race  Russia http://www.ak-sai.com/en/mountaineering/run-up

A Incredible race to Lenin summit (7134m) Just made in Rusia.

Carrera 4 refugios  Argentina http://www.4refugios.clubandino.org

Great technical race in Bariloche Andes. 45km – 4000m.  

Noolans 14  Colorado – USA  http://mattmahoney.net/nolans14/

a run over the 14 summits over 14,000 ft. in Colorado’s Sawatch Range, from Mt. Massive to Mt. Shavano in either direction. You can choose your own route between summits, but the most practical routes have been estimated to be 88 to 106 miles with 44.000ft.

Els 2900 Alpine Run Andorra http://www.els2900.com

The seven highest peaks of Andorra. In a row. 70km – 6700m. 

Troffeo KIMA Italyhttp://www.trofeokima.org

Sentiero Roma in Valtellina, a technical skyrace. 49km – 3800m.

Echappée Belle France http://www.lechappeebelledonne.com

A great technical ultra in Belldonne massif. 145km – 10.800m.

Travesera Picos de Europa Spain http://www.traveserapicos.com

A great technical long race on Picos de Europa, Asturias. 74km – 6.500m.

Les Chevaliers du Vent Nepal http://www.leschevaliersduvent.fr

3 long stages races on Himalayas, on Annapurnas, Everest and a Himalaya crossing
Andes Infernal  Chile www.andesinfernal.com

Non stop race ascending from 3000 meters up to 5424m, returning afterwards to 3000m. 51km – 3869m. 

Bob Graham round UK http://www.bobgrahamclub.org.uk

A great run on Lake district, Bob Graham round is 42 summits, but is also the lake district 24h, as many summits on 24h.

Ramsay’s round UK http://www.ramsaysround.com

A great run on Lake district, Bob Graham round is 42 summits, but is also the lake district 24h, as many summits on 24h.

Scottish hill rounds: http://shr.uk.com/LongDistanceRecords.aspx 

Alaska Mountain Runners: http://www.alaskamountainrunners.org some amazing technical races in Alaska


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