Race certain kinds of physical differences between people.

Race is best described as a person physical characteristics . Race is primarily unitary and is not something that can be changed, it is also an indication of the heritage in which you were born regardless of any other learned behavior. Race can also be defined as a socially constructed label used to describe certain kinds of physical differences between people. Science sees race as a genetic population within the same species. Despite social construction, race and ethnicity are important parts of social society. Some believe in existence of race and ethnicity and organize their relationships with others based on those beliefs. Ethnicity is a term that describes the culture of a person. This includes religion, language and heritage, anyone no matter what race they are, can conform to an ethnic group.Some believe in existence of race and ethnicity and organize their relationships with others based on those beliefs.  Ethnicity means shared cultural traits and a shared group history. Some ethnic groups also share religious traits, and others share a common group but not a common language or religion. Ethnic groups distinguish themselves differently from one time period to another. They typically are defined by the stereotypes of dominant groups. One example: A person can identify ethnically as German or Spanish, but essentially you have to be black or white when it comes to race. In American society race takes precedence especially what America sees as “minorities”. Over the past few years race has played a major role in society mainly toward black Americans. Race and discrimination has been used as powerful weapons encouraging hate upon others of different races. While it is often said that the problem of racism doesn’t exist significantly in recent decades, many would argue that racism is still as prevalent as ever. Although racist attitudes are not as overt as in past eras, they are deeply inscribed in the attitudes and institutions of this country.Some scientists have concluded that the concept of race is a social construct,and it still functions as one of the most prevalent issues in our lives. Society see black people as low class people, this is all based of skin color alone. Many black americans doesn’t get the same opportunities as whites solely based on color. It doesn’t matter if a black person ethnic background identifies with another, the fact that he or she is black is enough to hold him back. Take for instance Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, the police killed two unarmed black men who were shot dead by a white officer, may argued it was  because society sees them as black men with a label of “thug”. Race is an issue across the globe, some may think that race only plays a role in the United States. Below is a map from the Washington Post showing the world’s tolerance of of other races.