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Queen Cleopatra VII      Imagine if you were an empire’s queen or king.Would you be a good one, a bad one, a careless one? Imagine all the pressure, luxuries, happiness, and tragedy. Would you want to be a ruler?The Birth Of Cleopatra Cleopatra VII (7) was born around c.69 BC. Her full name Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator. She was born in Egypt, Alexandria which was capital at that time. So she was born in a very important place.A Royal Family Cleopatra had a huge family. Her father was Ptolemy XII (12th). Her mother was Cleopatra V (5th) but historians are not sure. Cleopatra’s father and mother may have been siblings. People called Ptolemy XII (12th) “The Flute Player” for his love of music.Cleopatra had two older sisters. Cleopatra VI (6th) and Bernice. She had two younger brothers. Ptolemy XIII (13th) and Ptolemy XIV (14th). Many people thought less of Cleopatra’s father because they thought he was weak and a drunkard and couldn’t rule the Egyptian empire. Cleopatra had many kids one of them with her husband/brother Ptolemy XIII (13th). One of them with Julius Caesar and 3 of them with Mark Antony. She had to marry her brother when she was 18 and when he was 10!  Becoming A QueenCleopatra became queen at age 18! So that means an exact adult! She became very wise when she became queen. She knew what she wanted and she knew how to get it. She was very powerful and strong woman. She also had to marry her 10 year old brother Ptolemy XIII (13th), when she became queen. She was also very beautiful and did I mention very powerful. Egyptians thought she was the goddess of love and worshiped her when she became queen.Julius Caesar When Cleopatra was 21 she fell in love with 52 year old Julius Caesar when he came for a stay at her castle. They fell madly in love. Eventually they had a baby boy and Cleopatra wanted to name it after Julius’s heir but he refused. He wanted to name after his grand nephew, Octavian. When Julius took Cleopatra and Octavian to his Roman Empire, he was giving royal gifts to Cleopatra. So, people thought he was going to pass a law saying that you can marry from different empires. Because of this, many people had planned on killing him by attacking him. Soon they had accomplished this goal. Julius Caesar had died on  March 15, 44 BC.Mark AntonyOnce Julius’s death happened a man named Mark Antony joined forces with a man named Marcus, who was one of Julius’s general, and Julius’s great great nephew, Octavian. They created a 3 man dictatorship. Marcus and Octavian agreed to go to war with Egypt but Mark was a kind man and didn’t want to. He said to his partners that if he would go to Egypt and kindly consider with the queen, and if she would agree, then there is not going to be war. His partners hesitantly agreed. When Cleopatra heard this, she agreed for Mark to come but wanted to see his picture first. When she did, she thought that he was very handsome. So when he came to meet her, she dressed in all red and in a very beautiful dress. When they met, they immediately fell madly in love. Eventually, they had 3 kids. 2 twins and one single kid. One night Mark went to his hometown to visit his family. He heard rumors about Cleopatra dying. This was not true. He got so devastated that he ended up committing suicide. Mark Antony died on August 1, 30 BC.Life As Queen Cleopatra has been through many challenges including many wars. And when Mark Antony had died, Octavian had killed Marcus (which was his partner) because he wanted to rule all by himself. Once he did, he started a war against Egypt, which Cleopatra was the queen of. Egypt had won but Octavian was mad and wanted his revenge. During this time, was when Mark Antony had died so cleopatra was in depression which was an advantage for Octavian to get his revenge.A Tragic Death Cleopatra died in a very bad way. She died in Alexandria, Egypt. She commited suicide because of many reasons. One, she knew that Octavian would make her life miserable. Two, both the people she loved, had both died because of her. Octavian knew that she would want to kill herself but he wanted her to suffer instead of die. He kept guards around her at all times. One night, she took a bath, dressed very nicely and visited Mark and Julius’s grave. Everything was going normally, but it wasn’t. Cleopatra had ordered one of her servents to bring her a basket of figs but put a snake under the figs so the guards guarding her room wouldn’t notice. Her plan had worked. The guards didn’t suspect anything. She had made the snake kill her with it’s venom. Cleopatra had died in a full Egyptian costume laying on her bed. She died on c.30 BC with a tragic ending.Cleopatra’s love story is known throughout the world for it’s happiness and tragedy. It’s so important that there are movies and plays on it. Cleopatra VII (The seventh) was an Egyptian queen with a tragic ending