China led to death of six infants while

China manufacturers have lost their markets of late due to poor quality their products. Allegations on poor quality of China’s products began in 2007 when some of them were banned in west countries. Troubles for these China manufactured products began after Canadian company which imported pet food from China realized that some animals died after consuming the food. Laboratory analysis later revealed that these food products imported from China had melamine.

This scenario tainted China’s products image and most of west countries that outsourced their products from China started to investigate those products keenly. The situation deteriorated further after the United States of America based toy companies recalled toys made in China. Mattel and RC2 Corporation discovered that some of toys they outsourced from China constituted of high leads level.

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In addition, these toys outsourced from China had design flaws rather than manufacturer related faults. The rumors of flawed China’s products spread quickly globally especially in the western countries. A toothpaste company based in Europe discovered that the products they outsourced from China contained diethylene glycerol. This ingredient can result to mass poisoning.

These China controversies did not spare even China itself. In 2007, China unearthed mass corruption deals in the state food and drug administration unit. It was revealed that China’s manufacturers of drugs bribed the Chief in the state’s food and drug administration unit to produce substandard drugs.

In 2008, China faced a major blow regarding its export of manufactured products to the west countries. In 2008, China was entangled in another flawed deal, but this time round was on milk products. Apparently, after laboratory analysis on milk products outsourced from China it was discovered that they contained melamine.

These milk products led to death of six infants while approximately 900 infants were hospitalized due to the side-effects of these milk products from China. The infants did not suffer alone, but also more than 300,000 adults. This led to strict ban on all milk products outsourced from China to western countries. The fall of China’s manufactured products in the western market can be attributed to the urge of China manufacturers to save on production cost and increase their profits.

These China manufacturers’ ideas were to produce low quality goods to maximize their profits. On other hand, western countries buyers expected these China based manufacturers to produce high quality products and sell them at affordable price. This clash in expectations between both parties contributed to flaws and deterioration of China’s manufacturers as the largest exporters to the west countries.

To improve the quality of these China’s products, the manufacturers should first acknowledge products quality as a key influence in the market. China manufacturers should focus on customers. They should put into considerations their market needs. They should focus on markets’ needs in the future, plan on markets requirements and work extra to go behold their markets’ expectations.

For China’s manufacturers to meet the markets need such as high quality products they should research and ascertain their markets’ requirements. They should verify internal and external markets and their needs. In addition, leadership is of essence in achieving high quality products. China’s manufacturers should have leadership with direction and unity of purpose. These China’s based manufacturers should strive towards achieving environment which guarantees manufactures’ quality objectives.