Quality a program more understandable and easy

Quality of


Being able to create high quality code requires many years
of experience in the coding field. Programmers should be ready to overcome
issues and errors associated during the creation of the code. Creating a
quality codes mean creating a software which is more durable, easy to use and
easy to maintain if any error occurs. Moreover, a quality code is designed
based on the user’s requirements including all the functions that have been
stated before initiating the coding part.

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The quality of the code can be improved drastically by
adding features such as comments, meaningful variables and indentation. These
features can make the code easier to read also improve the structure of the

A well coded program will always respond to user commands
and therefore the quality od the program is higher but if the program start
crashing and freezing then the quality start becoming lower


Reliable and robust

Once the program is created and then distributed, the
program is not always used in the way that is should be used, for instance the
user can come across issues when enters a wrong data format, this will might
cause a crash of the program. This type of issue can be solved by the developer
by using a validation routine that checks if the user has entered the right
value or data, if it doesn’t then an error message will might appear on the
screen telling the user where is the fault and how it can be fixed, this makes
the program robust and reliable even when it comes across wrong data or value.
However, a program should be tested before it is distributed in order to fix
any errors or bugs that stops the program to work effectively, otherwise the
program will not meet the user’s requirements and therefore it useless. In
addition, the method aforementioned to overcome an issue can stop a program
from used incorrectly and helps the program to work at its full potential.


To make a program more understandable and easy to use, a
programmer could design a virtual interface which is more interesting rather
than plain boxes containing plain texts. By creating a virtual interface, we
allow users to enjoy the time passed using the program. Moreover, a developer
can develop interactive boxes and buttons which have pre-defined actions which
will make the program more usable and sometimes also more intuitive, obviously
there will be part of the program where the user will have to include data or
values manually but in other cases this can be done by the pre-defined boxes
and buttons, if the interface contains many controls such as buttons,
textboxes, display boxes, they can be organised into groups such as order of
use or function. Furthermore, the developer must need to label all the boxes
with the correct name in order to prevent any wrong ideas that the label can


Portability means how easily a program can be moved and used
from one device to another without affecting the quality of the program. The
portability is essential when it comes to use the program on different software
platforms and devices. The portability is really important especially if a
program is developed for a client that desires to use the program to different
devices rather than one. For instance, Microsoft started developing software
such as office programs that were only able to be run on the computer, but now
all the Microsoft office programs can be used in any type of platform and
devices. Moreover, if we talk about web development and therefore websites,
then the developer has to make sure that the website works effectively in all
devices such as smartphones, tablets and pcs. In addition to that, the
developer must keep into consideration that all the scripts work appropriately
in different web browser with different screen resolution.




A high-quality code is easy to maintain over the years as it
is well structured, easy to read and also easy to edit specific part of the
program without altering the rest of the code. In addition to that, a code can
be called well written if it contains comments, meaningful variables and
indented code. The purpose of these features are to make the code easier to
read, by adding comments we will remember some important notes or statement
that will might help us in the future. Meaningful variables play an important
role during the creation of a program, if the developer doesn’t name the
variables with the correct name then in a future those variables can be easily
confused with other or probably misunderstood. The indentation is also
important because this feature helps a user or developer to read the code and
understand it quickly because it is well structured and indented. Other than
the readability of code making it easy to maintain, there are other methods
that can be used; including documenting the technical details of the program to
help locate any error etc. in the code. Once a program is developed, it rarely
doesn’t need any update, and if it doesn’t need require any update, it means
the codes were well written. However, sometimes the program over the years will
might occur in errors or crashes and therefore it needs updates in order to
improve the quality of the program and also to add new features.