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Puerto Rico is a beautiful large Caribbean island that is located in North America. The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan. Puerto Rico is one-fifth as large as the Dominican Republic.It is roughly rectangular in shape. This island has a tropical climate with little seasonal variation, although due to it being surrounded by the coast, conditions vary according to elevation and exposure to rain-bearing winds. On the bad note, Puerto Rico does get a lot of rainfall. That doesn’t stop people from visiting Puerto Rico’s major cities. The largest major city is the capital San Juan, which has a very high population of 342,237. Other major cities from the highest population to the lowest population are Bayamòn, Carolina, Ponce, Caguas, Guaynabo, and Mayagüez having the lowest population of 66,581. People also visit Puerto Rico not just for vacation or it’s major cities but for its major landmarks. Puerto Rico has 5 major landmarks with the first being Castillo San Felipe del morro. This landmark has been standing since 1540. Another one is Iglesia Porta Coeli which is the second oldest city. Tibes and Caguana contains very historic ceremonies. Observatorio de arecibo is home to the world’s largest radio telescope. Last but not least is Bahia Mosquito. This landmark is filled with a species of phosphorescent dynoflagellate, making the water glow. It’s a very beautiful sight to see particularly in the dark. There are three main ethnic groups in Puerto Rico. The Taino Indians whom most of them left after the Spanish conquest, black Africans who were imported as slaves under the Spanish rule & the Spanish people themselves. There is also and admixture of Dutch, English, Corsicans, and other Europeans. The language spoken in Puerto Rico is mainly English and Spanish. Puerto Rico’s currency is the American dollar. They don’t really have a religion but in Puerto Rico Roman Catholic is practiced. Puerto Rico has a population size of 3,658,047 as of studies shown in 2017. Although Puerto Rico has many different attractions and many different beautiful sightseeing places, they also have many big festival bashes. Puerto Rico celebrates christmas but is very heavy on one big festival that they celebrate which is called Three Kings Day or , El Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos. This big festival is held on January 6. In Puerto Rico this island tradition calls for children to place grass in a box and to put it at the end of their bed so that the Three Kings camel will have a meal to eat before  returning back home. Puerto Rico’s HistoryPuerto Rico was founded by Christopher Columbus in 1493. Originally called San Juan Bautista, Puerto Rico got its name from “rich port”  based off of the gold that they found in the river. Due to the large shift of tectonic plates that sank some areas and pushed others upward, Puerto Rico was formed alongside with other small islands. Puerto Rico began to produce cattle, sugar cane, coffee, and tobacco which led to the importation of slaves from Africa. Puerto Rico has the same political status as the United States of America. They have self governing common health in association with the United States. Ricardo Rossellò is the head of their government. Puerto Rico has fought alongside the American colonist in the Revolutionary war. They also helped in World War I, World War II, the Korean War & the Vietnam War. Puerto Rico’s Culture Foods and Some Drinks.    Puerto Rican cooking is a very unique way to stand out from other different cultures. Back then there were no type of meat nor grains inherited into the Spanish cooking it was all fruit until Ponce de Leon arrived in 1493 with Columbus. When they arrived they added beef, pork, rice, wheat and olive oil to the islands stock. This is when sugarcane began to be planted from the Africans who were being imported. Puerto Rican’s often have their own seasoning they make from scratch which is called sofrito. Sofrito is a blend of herbs and spices. Spanish rice and beans and chicken is a big traditional dinner. Arroz con gandules which is rice with pigeon peas is also flavored with many different spices. That dish is what is mainly cooked for dinner anytime, anyplace, anywhere. They also have many different types of desserts. One of the famous dishes is called Flan. Flan is a form of custard with a portion of guava jelly with queso blanco (white cheese). Coconut is an ingredient that is most common in Spanish desserts. Coconut is included in flan also. There is a drink called coquito that is served during holidays traditionally. It is a mix of coconut and run which is then frozen into a slush drink. Rum is the national drink and you can buy it in any shape or form. Puerto Rico is known for their delicious drink and dishes.Puerto Rico’s Education Puerto Rico has four different types of education systems. Puerto Rico has a primary education system which is an American model that is compulsory ranged from ages 5 to 18. Their secondary education completes the final 7 years of PR’s (Puerto Rico) pre tertiary education program. The state curriculum is basic, but children of wealthier parents often attend private schools. They have vocational education/adult education which is in the hands of private firms where a variety of programs are available in larger urban areas. There is Tertiary education which are a variety of post secondary colleges and universities in Puerto Rico. Some colleges and universities are state controlled while others are privately owned. The oldest university in Puerto Rico is the University of Puerto Rico which was built in 1906 in Rio Pedro’s San Juan. This university includes a lot of faculties such as architecture, business administration communication, education, humanities, informational sciences and technologies, law, natural sciences planning & social studies.Conclusion I chose to do Puerto Rico for my senior project because I am half Hispanic & I felt as though that this would be a good way to learn more about this country since I’ve never been there before. My mother & my grandmother and mostly half of my family is from Puerto Rico. I also have family that lives in Puerto Rico and they just went through that hurricane that they had. What I found Interesting about this country is that not only do they have beautiful sightseeing places, they also have beautiful landmarks. It was very interesting to find out that they fought in plenty of wars with us Americans. I am glad that I studied this country, so that when I do plan on taking a trip to Puerto Rico I will already know more about this exquisite island.