Kharafi projects are privatized. Kharafi is involved in

Kharafi National is a public-private partnership company located in the United Arab Emirates. It was established in 1976 and since then it has developed to a world- class service provider, contractor and project developer in infrastructure. Kharafi National has its headquarters in Kuwait. It has been operating actively in the United Arab Emirates since 1995. It is well known for provision of wide range of services. It has operational branches in UAE, Lebanon and Egypt.

Kharafi National is the leading company in development of water projects, treating waste water, reclamation of waste water, cooling services, managing solid waste and enhanced recovery of oil. Being a leading contractor, it offers services in facility management to chemical, power, petroleum and commercial sectors in Africa and Middle East. Kharafi national is ISO certified and its operations comply fully with the requirements of ISO to ensure high quality procedures and systems.

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Kharafi National has a wide range of disciplines which include electrical and mechanical engineering, civil, telecommunications, health and safety, environmental, quality assurance and control procedures. These disciplines assist in delivery of services to different sectors in Africa and Middle East.

Kharafi National has successful business lines through these three approaches; build-operate-transfer (BOT), build-operate-own (BOO) and public-private partnership. These three approaches show the company’s diverse activities or operations. These approaches are applied in infrastructure project development operations. The approaches have enhanced the role of Kharafi National from service provider to that of a partner in business.

The approaches have enhanced the provision of services in the form of finances, procurement, design, testing and commissioning of projects. As a result, Kharafi National has expanded the strategic areas of business which include construction, operating and maintaining capital programs in order to establish itself in competitive field where projects are privatized.

Kharafi is involved in both build-operate-transfer (BOT) and build-operate-own (BOO) projects. As a result, the strengths of the company have been utilized well in facility operations and construction industry.

Also, the expertise in the company has been expanded through general operations of a business and financing. The BOT and BOO project have more than 20 years and they have been a source of income and business life (enhanced continuity and stability of Kharafi) to the company.

The company also provides EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) operations to power, water, environmental and infrastructure projects.

Development of advanced techniques of water treatment methods has enabled Kharafi to build a major business line in this area of expertise. Kharafi National understands the need for sustainable development. As a result EPC operations play an important role in managing waste, land use, landfills and waste water for irrigation in order to preserve the environment for future generations.

It partners with private bodies and government in order to maximize recycling of materials. Kharafi National offers viable solutions to ensure continued power generation as well as distribution. It also offers its clients efficient and effective construction solutions or services. Availability of resources and experience in Kharafi National makes it the preferred contractor in Middle East and Kuwait.

Kharafi National is the most preferred construction contractor in Africa and Middle East. The reason is that it partners with different stakeholders to provide a wide range of services in construction. These services are offered to different sectors of economy. Consumers choose from the range of services offered.

Management of facilities is another business line for Kharafi. The services in facility management are both commercial and institutional. It also provides industrial services in the business line of facility management. Mostly it deals with companies dealing with petroleum and its products, like water.

In conclusion one finds that Kharafi National partners with different sectors in order to have a business activity. As a result, the company makes maximum profits. Market research helps the company to understand its clients.