PSYCHOLOGICAL follows Industrial and organizational psychology are




I/o psychology

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Work place and people

I/O psychology explained

History on i/o

Psychological theory and research

Conclusions and views



Is a short term for term industrial and organizational psychology and this is a field of science that deals majorly with the study of human behavior in the workplace, mentally and emotionally, physical to and all other forms that involves workplace behavior (Spector, 2008, Jex 2002)




Having a responsibility in any organization gives man a sense of character, and this distinguishes him and may tend to derive a term to which he might be referred to as “responsible”, work has been seen as a part of humanity that promotes ones socio economic status and gives one a sense of belonging and a label.” Philosophers may translate such vernacular lines into “I work, therefore I am.”(Green, 1993)


Having an occupation or something to do on a daily basis be a huge responsibility, heading a group of companies in partnerships, supervising a significant number of people, overseeing a large project or participating in one, having the huge workload and ensuring a goal is met is a huge part of everyday life, having to be liable for anything and being in charge of a particular work situation has been termed to be an essential human requirement in order to function, asides from the fact that a significant financial gain is incurred in which helps to meet the daily needs and wants of individual e.g. primary needs ,regular food shelter and clothing, secondary needs car, shopping expenses, vacation etc. in essence, work is a variant, but the reason people still find the need to have one is what makes it unique in everyway possible, and how everyone can relate to it knowing there is a need from being part of an organization that they are part of knowing the tremendous advantage it bring them.


Industrial and organizational psychology if split in two to be explained individually would be as follows

Industrial and organizational psychology are intertwined, the industrial aspect majorly channels towards organizational behavior in respect of the organizations progression, this aspect also involves, hiring, training and practices, professional selection, etc, the major aim here is to improve on the organizations goals and select the right applicants and team to fulfill that.

The organizational arm on the other hand focuses mainly on the employees, this takes major steps in ensuring that the employees are comfortable enough to function in the work environment, it could also include ensuring there are motivations in place to properly secure the well being of the employees (Spector, 2008, Jex, 2002). One way or the other these two separate but aligned topics have one or more things In common, and one of them is the fact that without a proper work environment the staff cannot function, and that deters the organizations goals, and also when the wrong people are employed the organizations suffers the set backs as well, in this context I like the quote “pay peanuts and get monkeys” (James goldsmith)