1 between the user and Zak Autospare.

1 Website compromising of the following pages:  Homepage – welcoming the user with options of going to every other category (alloy wheels, car audio, car parts, etc)  Search box on homepage to search through the site itself, allowing the user to immediate reach the section they require Alloy wheels page with a car allowing the user to select different wheels and view them on this car Car parts with the option of choosing the make and model of the car you require parts for * Email section – here is where communication will flow between the user and Zak Autospare.

Shopping page – this will be linked to all products, thus allowing the user to click on desired product and from here purchase them * The site will be linked to the database via the appropriate pages Human resources In order to produce the website the following professionals shall be employed:  Producer – They will have the responsibility of day to day management of the everyone involved in the project and external clients and suppliers, they will work close with the project manager to ensure the project runs smoothly.

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Project manager – This person will manage the whole production of the website and as a result will ensure the site is of a high standard and excellent quality. * Web developer – In charge of creating the whole website, they will be familiar with HTML, JavaScript, Microsoft Asp, Microsoft Access and they will also be in charge of carrying out the entire testing of the website * Copy writer – To produce all the necessary text required on the site and will also cover proof reading.

Graphic designer – They will supervise all photo shoots, generate ideas, generate overall design and icon generation * Photographer – They will take all the photos of the shop itself to put on the website Breakdown of Project Tasks to be completed, all the below must be completed within six months, this is when the client would like the site to be ready for. Step 1 – Planning – basic planning of the website, all tasks delegated.

Step 2 – Technical engineering followed by back end implementation – here all the coding of the site will be implemented and the design interface will be put forward and all pages will be complete Step 3 – Proofing – all the site will be tested, i. e. type proofing, links, download test, platform testing, browser testing Step 4 – Ready for launch – at this stage the site will be complete and ready to operate Schedule Step Week Signoff 1 4 2 8 3 14 4 18 Costing A complete breakdown of the cost can be found in appendix B.