Promotion any other lighting so the shop


The item that I choose to compare will be the item 7 and
Item 8. Firstly, when I was purchasing the item 7 is was black Friday and it
was crowded and busy, but the Apple store was not doing any discount for the
item I purchase but I am apple loyalty customer I do use a lot of apple product
for the past few years

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The second item was item 8 a Nike air force shoe from Foot
locker, the store was also crowded because of the promotion deal and I got the
shoe for some discount because of Black Friday, but the discount item was
limited for the store and it was separated from the normal price product


Store Layout

In the item 7 apple store was vary clean and tidy everything
was clear, they have all the product for display and is easier for customer to
have an interaction with the product, when I first walk in I lighting was just
nice not too bright that will make me feel uncomfortable they are using a
warmer lighting to shine the product such as phone, watch, laptop and other
device as for the all the device are in blue light it balance the lighting for
the eyes  to see

As for Item 8 are different because the product itself don’t
have any other lighting so the shop uses a brighter light and some sport light
to brighten the shop. On the other hand, Foot locker have some differences on
the store layout it separates all the section out such as the discount part and
the new arrival item part it makes it clear where are the item are

Both of the store lay out are clean, tidy and easy to find
all the product


Cleanness and music

Both of the store is very clean in the way of cleanness of
the store it can be seen in the picture

There are no dirty marks on the product and the floor are
also vary clean, but the foot locker store uses the plastic wrap to wrap all
their shoe product so that the product won’t give any dirt or dust on it and it
can show the customer the original looking of the shoe and that make me feel
that the store people are very professional, but apple store also keep their
product cleanness vary well 

The Footlocker Store was playing some pop music that day it makes
me feel happy and in other way more up to date because footlocker is one of the
most famous sneaker shop that provide the latest design of shoe

On the other hand, apple store is not playing any music in
the store, but I too feel is vary professional, it let me concentrate on what
the product is going on and the staff was vary helpful on every detail
information of the product.



the service on both store are very different first is the
apple store the staff don’t really come to me until I have question to ask or I
need help but is good because apple store are selling more expensive product it
give me time and choice to make a decision because sometimes if the worker are
too friendly it will have a pressure on the customer to make a decision quicker
and it will regret the decision after purchase but the apple store give me
space to make my decision and I feel vary comfortable through my buying process

on the other hand, the footlocker has a much friendly
approach, when I have make my decision on the shoe I want to try the staff came
and help me to get my size of the shoe and it was vary fast because of the
crowd and I do like the service there it make me feel that the worker is very


section 3

Motivation and involvement

The first product iPhone 8 plus was pre planned purchase. I
have recognized needs to purchase a new phone because my previous phone was
having some problem and I need a new one. The product is a vary expensive
product and the price and brand name have makes me feel the product is good
quality. The iPhone 8 is the new product from apple that is trending because of
the latest feature and software. It helps me achieve a goal and makes me think
that have a higher status than others. On the other hand, buying this product
make me increase my self-esteem because I can have the latest product from
apple that produce best quality of device

The second product I chose is the shoe from Footlocker it is
the latest air force from Nike, I have also recognised a need to purchase a new
shoe due to the bad weather in Sunderland this shoe can help me through the
weather because of the water prove material. I really like the design colour of
the shoe, now days Nike Air Force shoe are getting more and more trendy because
of the durability of the shoe and by buying this shoe is a goal to me because
it shows that I have passion for sneakers. Furthermore, it also helps me to
improve my self-esteem to purchase the late stranding shoe.



Both product I have make a purchase in store and I am able
to touch and feel the product. I choose to buy them in store rather than online
because I am that type of guy that like to see the actual product before making
the decision and I do have a lot of question to ask before I make a purchase so
that the staff can explain to me how it works for the first item

At the same time for the Nike shoe I choose to purchase in
the store is because I can choose or find the right size that fits me, if I
bought online I could get the wrong size and if I buy it again I might not get
the Black Friday discount

I went to both store with my friends which mean the
selective distortion will happened because I do ask a lot of suggestion from my
friend as I buy the product and my friends says the product suit me a lot of
looks good on me and is worth the price it make me believe the decision that I

For the iPhone that u bought have make a lot of research
through the internet and some blogger have good revive on the product other
than that my friend does agree the value of the product that make me feels I
have make the right decision



 As for Item 7 is pre-planned
purchase I did a lot of research online, reading all the reviews and asking
friends opinion on the product. After that I have change to try out the product
on the Apple store and the worker recommend me the model and the storage of the
device to me. On the other hand, the worker also shows me how the device work
and I have learned a lot of new ways to interact with the device

The Item 8 is the Nike shoe that I bought, and I do have a
few Nike products and it let me believe that the product quality is the same as
my other Nike product that I bought because of the big brand name and the
strong advertising.


Belief and attitudes

 I was born in the
environment where my family will buy a better brand or name product compare
with a unknome brand because they belief that with a better brand and price will
have a better quality of product. For Item 7 the price of the iPhone is expensive,
but the apple brand is well known in world wide and it have a vary good review on
the internet.

As for the second item I bought is also because of the brand
Nike, Nike have been around vary long time and it have a lot of advertising since
I was little and it build a vary strong image around my family. As also I have
a lot of friend that like shoe a lot recommended me the Nike air force because
if the quality and it is trendy now.


Social class

I do believe that I have the middle level social class, I can
purchase item that I wanted to buy as a consumer I purchase a higher quality product
because it will last long so I don’t have to repurchase or change and product
during the first few years again and by all this I have do a lot of research
online and asking friend for the review of both product


Group (family and friends) influencer

One of the reason I have bought item 7 the iPhone 8 is because
all my family member and friends is a loyal customer on apple product such as
the iPhone and the iMac from apple. Due to all this influence it built an image
in me that the product is good quality and highly demand from people around me.

As for Item 8, I have an older sister that love fashion and
do know a lot of branded product, we use to discuss and purchase clothing and trendy
stuff together. furthermore, she is one of the influencer that suggest me to
buy the Nike air force because is of the famous design.





For Item 7 I would like people to see that I do love new technology
a lot there for I am willing to pay the higher price to get the latest product.

As for Item 8 I want to show all my friend and family that I
am they type of guy that know the latest fashion and trendy product there for I
am willing to spend the money to get one my self


Occupation and Lifestyle

as I am still a student that studying, I do have limited
income given by my parents. whenever I make a purchase I always concern about the
product quality, brand name and price because I am that type of people that do a
lot of research before purchasing a product

the factor I purchase the Item 7 iPhone 8 because my previous
phone are having some problem and I recognize a need to purchase a new one, as
my family are apple product loyal customer I know that the product can at least
last a few year without any problem therefore I bought the item

as state above due to I came to Sunderland for my studies I found
that weather here are some times vary bad and I recognize a need for a new shoe,
because of this factor I bought this shoe to prevent me from the weather and it
has water prove that prevent my feet to get wet.


Section 4

There are 5 stages on consumer decision buying model such as
the need recognition, information search, evaluation of alternatives,
purchasing the product and post purchase behaviour/evaluation. As I for the Item
7 it is a pre- planned product  

First, I have recognize a need to purchase a new phone because
I my precious phone are having some problem. After that I have did my internal
and external research about the product which I went to the apple store to ask
about the feature and compare with another device. I went back and did some
online research and reach some online review about the product. I evaluation
the product quality and prices as well the brand. I pick a product that I have
trust in the brand and quality and I came out a decision to make a purchase on
the Item 7 the iPhone 8 in the end I did my purchase on the apple store in Newcastle.
After purchasing my product, I feel that I am vary satisfy with the product and
I found that is it worth the price. The features od the product makes me want
to change some other of my product to apple product and recommend to my friends
because I have made the right decision.

Next is the Item 8, I found the need to make a purchase because
of the bad weather in Sunderland and I feel I need a better shoe for me to walk
to university every day. On the other hand, I do like new trendy product and it
satisfy me to collect new product. I did some research internally because my
sister and friends know a lot of fashion and trendy product I have ask for
their opinion and they have suggest me to buy the product because of the
quality and branding. Furthermore, I have evaluation the product by the design,
price and branding. I have pick a product that is fits me and the brand that I trust.
I have come to decide to buy it where I did my purchase on Foot locker on Sunderland
bridge mall. After purchasing I am vary satisfy with the shoe because id vary comfortable
and is helps me a lot on the bad weather in Sunderland, as it also fulfils to
one of my collection and I have vary happy with the purchase. This purchase has
increase my belief to the brand and my friends fashion advice.