Progress see him use technologies such as a

Progress is not always a good thing as we have seen
throughout history. Depending on the intention behind the creation of every
technology, progress could be a good thing. In this essay, I will argue that
improved technology means progress towards equality, because disabled
individuals can use technologies to acquire the same amount of opportunities as
everyone. Improved technology also increases awareness of certain inequality
around the world which results in actions being taken to correct them.

As technology improves, society evolves along with it. Today,
technology is intertwined in most of our lives and allows us to reach our full
potential. Many believe that individuals with disabilities can’t access most of
the technologies available which results in limited opportunities. This is a
common misconception, because there are many technological advances that help
disabled people such as wheelchairs, hearing aids, screen readers, etc. In fact,
there is always a technology for disabled individuals as technology improves.

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For example, personal computers were introduced in 1975 1 and one can’t use
it without sight. To allow individuals who lost their sight to be able to use a
computer, a device with a refreshable braille display was produced in 1975 2.

Hence, as technology improves, there is always an assistive technology to allow
disabled individuals to have the same advantage. I have a cousin who recently
lost his sight, and everyone thought it would be hard for him to continue
studying or integrate into the society. However, although he had to change from
a regular school to a specialized school for disabled students, he was still
able to complete his studies and get the same education as he would have if he
didn’t get into the accident. I regularly see him use technologies such as a
cellphone or computer to communicate and integrate into the society without much
difficulty with the refreshable braille display at his disposition. Therefore,
improved technologies mean progress towards equality for disabled individuals
as they get to use the technologies to integrate themselves into society.

Today, the majority have access to information throughout
the world. Since the information is accessible to everyone, individuals can
learn of unfair treatments or inequality around the world which increases
awareness of problems around the world. When a problem is made aware through
the Internet, radio, or broadcast, it creates a storm involving the whole
population and they start acting against the problem. For example, police
officers wrongfully shooting unarmed civilians multiple times in a year raised
the issue of police brutality, police abusing powers, as well as racism. In
most cases, the cops involved in these issues don’t get convicted or charged
for killing or injuring an innocent man, which enrages many individuals. Many
people took a stand against those issues and tried their best to make it stop.

Therefore, improved technologies allow individuals to become aware of improper
treatments around them and potentially correct them to increase equality.

To conclude, improved technology means progress towards
equality for various reasons. With new technologies, individuals can reach
their full potential regardless of their disabilities since there are assistive
technologies available. Since technology is accessible by a majority,
information can spread like wildfire throughout the world. If a mistreatment or
inequality is caught on the Internet, or broadcast, everyone will be aware of
it and act against it. Such awareness allows people to play a role on equality
within any countries. With technology allowing progress towards equality, could
it mean that it allows social progress as well?