The nurses to provide top quality care. One

The article under consideration is the work Professional work ethics: Strategies to motivate beside nurses to deliver high-quality patient care by Bartzak (2010) who has chosen the Transformational Model for Healthcare as the conceptual framework.

The reasons for considering the problem has become the awareness of the fact that many nurses to not offer the top quality services at hospitals, moreover the statistics shows that between 48,000 and 96,000 people are harmed while hospitalization. Therefore, the problem is urgent and it is necessary to search for the ways for motivating nurses to provide top quality care. One of the best ways for making nurses reconsider their attitude is to motivate them and create the code of ethics which is going to be effective.

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Returning to the discussion of the Transformational Model for Healthcare, its major components should deserve attention. Thus, the Professional Practice, Process, Primary Outcome, and Strategic Outcome are the major components of the model.

Each of these major components is divided into smaller ones, which guarantee the quality of the services offered by the nurses in case the particular conditions are met. Thus, Professional Practice component is divided by transformational leadership, care delivery systems, professional growth and collaborative practice. These components allow the nurses understand that the mutual responsibility and the trust among the nurses and patients provide an encouraging effect.

The author of the article states that none of the models and its components are able to make nurses treat patients better, however leadership and other components of the model are able to create the conditions, according to which the employees are going to be encouraged to work better for their personal benefit.

Moreover, the author of the article underlines the fact that self-motivation and encouraging from the side of the nurse managers is important. The leadership in nursing is a crucial factor as the leaders do not only motivate nurses for conducting their work quality, they also encourage them for successful completion of their responsibilities.

The implementation of the top quality work by nurses is the success of the hospital and the managing staff who has organized the work in such a way that the employees have a desire to deal with the patients in such a way that he feel comfort. The changes in the nurses’ behavior are to be conducted as according to the information offered in the article many nurses perform their tasks inappropriately forgetting that they work with people.

Therefore, it should be concluded that the modern problem in the hospitalization of the patients is the lack of motivation and desire of the nurses to provide top quality assistance for patient. The presence of the motivation is not the only way to increase the desire of the nurses to complete their responsibilities quality, the nurses are to be encouraged by the managerial staff to make sure that he hospital nurses conduct their tasks on the highest level and with the great desire.

The author of the article concludes that nurses are to fill out the particular evaluation forms to understand the level of their performance and to apprise critically their efforts. Such evaluation is helpful in understanding the failures the nurses provide and learning the ways how to cope with the problems they have and offer the top quality services for patients.

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Bartzak, P. J. (2010). Professional work ethics: Strategies to motivate beside nurses to deliver high-quality patient care. Medsurg Nursing, 19(2), 85-89.