Products JD sports. Screenshots Itunes products


JD sports products

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JD sport is a sporting clothing company and is sells sports
products like football shirts, shoes. and all sorts of clothing eg they sell
big brand like Nike adidas puma and more. They have a huge range of different
products and services on their website they have over ……. Different
items and they have a range of help services and all about JD sports.




Itunes products

Itunes sells different product, music and cds which you can
transfer to an apple device are also to sort and make your
own itunes library of music with all the songs you want people can transfer the
music form your computer and you can listen and go. Jd sports and itunes sell
completely different products and services



Similarities and differences

They both sell completely different products, and both have
different target audiences. jd sports sell sportswear and sports equipment to
their consumers and apple sells music to their consumers. Jd sports attract
people who exercise. sportswear and fashion to attract their audience. They
both answer their customer needs. 



Jd sports- getting
the products to the customer

Jd sports have two different ways of delivering of
getting their products to their customers. The first way is getting the
customers product delivered to their door. Here the customer can buy a product
from the website and the customer can ask if they want it delivered to their
house or they can click and collect into their nearest store. On the Jd sports
website you can enter your order number and email and track your purchase and will
tell you when your purchase will arrive. The delivery has a range of options
like standard delivery, premium next day or next day evening and the prices
very from free-£5.99.



Itunes -getting
the products to the customer

I tunes sells a different products, music and cds. Which Is
where customers can electronically download the app online on the apple website
. The customer also can make a library for which music is the favourite music
all in one place and their customers can listen on the go with their apple
device .there is a support chat with a live chat with a member of staff to help
you with any problems you might have.




Similarities and

Apple sells completely different products compared to JD
sports. And sell their products all completely differently like apple sells all
their products online with iTunes. iTunes do it buy electronically with
download links and an online payment. JD sports deliver it to your door of the
customer or to the nearest store for click and collect. iTunes are an online
business and they don’t sell any hand-held products, so they don’t deliver to
stores or homes as there is no iTunes stores.


JD sports payment

JD sports allows online payment
allow paypal payments as well as visa and Mastercard, credit and debit cards.
This allows people to transfer money electronically instead of hand held money.
This is easier for the customer because they don’t have to go to the shop
themselves to buy JD products. however, in the stores people can pay with hand
held money if they prefer to buy in store with cash or card.




iTunes payment methods

Apple allows debit cards and credit cards as a payment for
purchasing their music thought iTunes. They accept PayPal too, but some people
typically may use different mediums like vouchers to avoid giving their bank
details and credit card details. And paying a slit fee for using PayPal. iTunes
will be able to transfer the money they are, and online business
and they wouldn’t be able to take cash.



 Similarities and

JD sports and itunes are both have the same online payment
methods. jd  sports accept paypal and
credit card and all the same means of payment methods online. JD sports has
stores where people can go and my them in the stores and pay by cash whiles and
JD is a store and itunes is an online business


JD sports -social media

JD sports uses social media to promote coemptions and
discounts which gives the customers a chance to go to football games and gift
vouchers to win. JD also use twitter and Facebook to post sales, new products
and special events. On Facebook, Instagram and twitter they have a large amount
of followers (Facebook=1,135,821/twitter=around 700,000 followers and Instagram
having 855,000 followers)as they have a large range of followers they can get a
whole range of people viewing what JD sports post on their social media and
will increase their customers from advertising.




iTunes-social media

itunes uses social media for a wide range of advertising as
the business is online and a lot of people use social media and will buy music
as itunes target age is from 16-25 years olds .Apple often use twitter,facebook
and Instagram of forms of a customer service tool. Here they can communicate
with their consumers and they can provide tips and tricks to help people when
they need it. the customers can also post images and apple my share them on
their wall. Apple can re-tweet these and show people enjoying their products
which will look go on their business.




Similarities and differences

Both of these company’s use social media for different reasons.
Apple communicates with their customers through social media and they find out
their customers thoughts and opinions and share information. JD sports uses
social media as promoting products and events and tell their customers and bout
events and how to win tickets that people are interested in, also JD sports use
social media to promote new products and popular products want to buy in store
or online.