Documents at how the current system run,

Documents used Stock data form (see appendix A1) Problems Again tippex is used to erase the current details before the new details are added. This makes the form look messy and it may become hard to read. And when written over the tippex or writing may smudge and make the form look a complete mess. Deleting / Discontinuation of stock Stock items are never actually deleted from the file, they are just discontinued. This is for warrantee purposes as a customer may buy a product that may then become discontinued and if we had no record of this item ever being in stock problems would occur when the customer requests a refund.

Data requirements  Stock name The stock items name * Stock number The unique number given to the item Problems Once a stock item has become discontinued this is marked with a D in the top left corner of the stock record. A member of staff may overlook this on occasion and they are then left wondering why there is no stock there. 1. 4 – Time Plan Date To be completed Details 14/12/02 Background & Problem Definition I will speak to both staff members to get a general idea about the store and just a brief look at the current problem at hand 02/01/03.

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Objectives I will look at how the current system run, what processes are carried out for members to the company and for stock 19/01/03 Interviews & Questionnaire I will carryout an interview with one member of staff asking about the current system and what he thinks needs to be changed. I will also create a questionnaire and have the other staff member and two customers to complete 21/01/03 Interview & Questionnaire summary I will briefly make points about both the interview and questionnaire and comment on the view portrayed 26/01/03 Requirements of system.

I will look at the requirements of the new system. I will see if it is practical and weather I think it will be efficient 30/01/03 Data Flow Diagrams Data Flow diagrams showing the processes in the current, manual system 05/02/03 System Constraints This will be looking at the hardware and software options and limitations of the system 12/02/03 Alternate Methods I will discuss all possible methods to produce a suitable program for the company 13/02/02 Justification I will choose one method of producing a package for the company and give all my reasons for choosing this method.

19/02/03 Processes Identified The new processes I wish to introduce to the system 21/02/03 Data Flow Diagrams Data Flow Diagrams of the processes I am going to introduce into the system 29/02/02 System Hierarchy Chart A Hierarchy chart showing all the system components and mapping out options for future development 03/03/03 User Interface I will design the user interface so the staff members may interact with the program 15/03/03 Implementation To use and exploit, as appropriate, the facilities available in the package prototype to the problem 25/03/03 Testing.

The new package must be tested to make sure there are no errors with the program before it is introduced into the store 29/03/03 Evaluation This is where I evaluate the entire program. I will be looking into detail what I could have made better or easier to use and I will write down everything I think I could improve on and the areas where I think I may have gone wrong 31/03/03 User Documentation I will go into detail talking about my program and how to use it. It will contain all characters that are able to e entered and what will happen if an invalid character is entered.

It will also explain what each section of the program is used for and it will go into detail explaining how to use each section 1. 5 – Interview I carried out an interview with Mr. Williams to see what changes he thought his store needed. Interview Transcript: Myself: Hi, I would like to thank you first for giving up your time to help me with this interview. Mr. Williams: Not at all. Myself: Ok, lets get started. At the moment you are using a manual system, could tell me the main problems that you have with this system. Mr. Williams: Well, what isn’t a problem would be an easier question to answer.

I think the main problem we get is all the handwritten documents. It is not the actual writing of these documents such as the sorting, filing and invoicing. This method of arranging is slow and costly as my staffs are paid on an hourly basis. Also the quality, because it is handwritten, is poor. Oh and there is also the fact that many documents are lost which is an incredible waste of time because then all the files have to be checked. Myself: Have you tried any other methods? And if so please specify. Mr. Williams: No, I have tried no other method, but I really think I need to.

Myself: How long have you thought about changing this system? Mr. Williams: I have been thinking about changing the system for a while now, the reason I haven’t made much progress is the lack of time. We are rushed off our feet. Myself: What exactly do you want out of this new system? Mr. Williams: My main idea was to get a new filing system. The one we have now is dreadful and it takes too much time to find a document. And when a comes in at the end of a long day with her children screaming that they want to go home and you can’t find the document she needs it is chaotic.

Also when the stock deliverer comes to deliver stock, trying to find our stock order form in all the papers is a nightmare. Myself: What benefits do you think a computerised system would provide for you? Mr. Williams: Well, firstly it would be much quicker. We could easily access all our file, weather it be stock or member. It would stop us muddling up our filing system and spending a lot of time trying to sort it out for it to be disarranged the very next day. We get so much work in every day to file and we just lose track so if we didn’t have to worry about the filing because a computer did it for us, then great.

Myself: Do you have any ideas about security and access? Mr. Williams: Well, yes. Even though there is only two of us in the shop some times the store is left so we can go to the stock room, at this point the customer would be able to access the files if they were not protected. Myself: Would you want the whole program protected, or would you allow the customers to browse through certain parts? Mr. Williams: Well, I see no trouble with the customer being able to view stock, but I don’t think they should be able to view each other’s details or change details on the files.

Myself: That’s fair enough. Is there anything specific that you think you would need? Mr. Williams: Yes, I think being able to change my password regularly would really help, as I am one to chat. Oh and I wonder if it is possible to be able to view all stock or view only current stock because all stock must be stored on our data base even if it is discontinued. This is due to our warrantees, no stock is ever deleted from our stock records so that if a customer comes in with a product wanting a refund then we can know weather we stocked that product at any time. Myself: Yes that is possible.

Anything else? Mr. Williams: Well, I’m not sure. I don’t really use computers much; you’re the expert I think I will leave it up to you. Myself: Ok I think that is all I need. I’m sorry I’ve kept you so long, thank you for your. Mr. Williams: Not at all, good day to you. Interview summary Mr. Williams was unsure about how he wanted to improve his store. However he was quite adamant that he needed a new, easier and faster filing system. He would also like the program free for his customers to view but for there to be a password on the member’s section and any modifying sections.

At least 1gb hard disk. Reason: This will be used to run the system and save information to the hard disk for future reference and/or amending. 2. 15″ Colour CRT Monitor Reason: To be display the chosen program. 3. Printer, possibly colour with 600dpi resolution of better Reason: To print out forms or other things needed on the system.  Software Needed 1. Operation system – MSDOS or Windows Reason: This software is needed to run the program 2. Drivers. For: Printer, monitor, graphics card, MSDOS, Sound card. Reason: Drivers are needed to run the system. Limitations.