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to discussing the role of rural development on agriculture, it is best to
define the concept alone. According to My Agriculture Information Bank (2015),
rural development involves a rigorous planning of different agencies and local
offices for the advancement and improvement of the rural citizen’s standard of
living. This can be manifested through economic growth, livelihoods present in
the community, environmental factors, public health, and other social issues
regarding the rural area. As UN (n.d) puts it that rural development is one
tool of ensuring food security among the people. Rural development involves
providing the agricultural sector with enough space where they can perform
their duties and works (UN, n.d). This concerns properly categorizing and
possessing lands, whether it is for agricultural or industrial purposes. Land
issues have been a sensitive topic in the light of socio-economic significances.
Those families who have the money and power continuously own lands which they
perceive to induce large profits. On this note, the marginalized sectors,
especially the farmers, loses their opportunity to build livelihood and income
through farming. This inequality must be the reason for prioritizing the
agricultural sector in rural development.

agriculture can be a source for employment among the people, the local
government might invest in this aspect and encourage the people to enter this
sector and serve as their livelihood. As there will be more man power to work
in the sector, this entails an increase in agricultural productivity. Aside
from resolving the issue on unemployment rates, rural development can also
introduce technologies to the agricultural sector to be utilized for an increase
in crop production and reducing loses (UN, n.d).

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development does not only involve economic and technological aspect, it also
targets the advancement and empowerment of people which can be done by sourcing
out benefits and livelihood the people (UN, n.d). More importantly, small-scale
farmers can receive capitals they can work on with agricultural services. Since
UN (n.d) believes that rural development can provide a good resource and
productivity for agriculture, it will be an opportunity for the farmers to
explore and deal with this sector.