Previously, immigrants were necessary but there needed

Previously, America embraced immigration to
provide aid in promoting industry. However, postbellum Americans became
increasingly opposed to immigrants since the country proved that the economy
could withhold itself without assistance. American workers in particular were
against immigration since they were fearful of their jobs being taken because immigrants
would be willing to work the same job for a fraction of the pay. With
increasing unpopularity of immigrants, the government took action. The
Emergency Quota Act of 1921 was created restricting the number of immigrants
from Europe to a quota of three percent per year based on national origin. This
number was then lowered to 2% with the Immigration Act of 1924. Southern and East. It
was declared immigrants were necessary but there needed to be restrictions to
protect America. President Calvin Coolidge stated, “America must be kept
American”. Immigrants were seen as a threat to traditional American values.

Values that were already being tested by the changing times. 

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