Preserve clearly. There are several of insect

Preserve a dead animal means, long term preservation of organism either plant or animal in best possible condition to access in future as reference collection for scientific purposes. Many chemical methods are used to preserve both vertebrae and invertebrate specimen. Voucher specimen” is any specimen that serves as a basis of study, taxonomic description of species and is retained as a reference. It should be in a publicly accessible scientific reference collection. There are two method of preserve insect as a voucher specimen in the museum.


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·         Take and fill a small container with rubbing alcohol .Make sure container has tight fitting lid. The use of rubbing alcohol is to preserve the body of insect without damaging the body of insect. The rubbing alcohol will prevent the insect from decaying, and drying. 70% of rubbing alcohol is suitable to preserve most of insect. For some insects, such as spider, scorpion, lice and others required strong alcohol 80-85% to better preservation.

Image 1 show insect preserve in rubbing alcohol


·         Find and catch the insect using net. The preservation becomes less effective when use insects have been dead for days. It is unable to use insects have been dead for day, because already decaying and breaking apart.

Image 2 show sweep net used to catch the insects

·         Before start to preserve, we should know that which specific species we deal is important to know genus of specific species before preserve. The label of the insect must tape outside of the container .The label must include genus, specific species, name of location that insect was found and name of the collector.

Image3 show the preserve container with label



·         Dry preservation method is direct pinning which important to maintain posture of the insect and to demonstrate each body part of insect clearly. There are several of insect pin used for pinning to avoid damage to the insect body especially for small insect. But the best size pin is 1-3.

Image 4 show pin used to preserve insect


·         Dense foam is used to hold the insect from fall. All part of body insects must be uniformly separate from top of pin around ¼ or 2/3 of the pin. Smaller and soft body insect must be place in card point like caterpillars.


·         Image 5: correct position of insect body on top of pin



Example of insect and position of pin according type of insect


Example insect

Position of pin



·         Pin near the front half margin of the right wing cover.



·         Pin to the base of the right wing on the right of the scutellum.


Butterflies and

·         Pin through the middle of the thorax between the wings. The wings are displayed on both sides of the body.

All other Orders


·         Pin through the thorax to the right of midline


·         To labeling the insect, find the genus and species of insect. Print all the information clearly in one piece of paper .Must take note like place, date and the person who are gather the information of insect found.

·         Mounting block also can used to preserve insect. Mounting block is the easiest to maintain proper height and position of insect.

Image 5 how mounting block for insect