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The graphic representation makes one feel very sad. On top of this, there is also a deep feeling of vulnerability in the sense that one gets on face to face confrontation with the reality that the problem of drug addiction is real and that one may not know who exactly has already been trapped into it. It could even be the people most cherished such as siblings or friends or children.

For this, one is also filled with a feeling of apprehension which is normally characterized by one trying to figure out who could be a drug addict since the problem appears more real than fiction, in the sense that it is right in the midst of the society. The setting from which one hails from can heighten one’s problems with heroin or increase the chance of one having dabbled with heroin. For instance, a setting with preponderance of heroin and more unoccupied shelters increase the chance of the population being involved in substance abuse.

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Preponderance of drugs and substances such as heroin means that these are available and accessible to the residents, especially, the youth. On the other hand, incomplete or unoccupied building structures ensure a safe haven for engaging in drugs. However, on top of the two, money really perfects or completes the ingredients since availability of money ushers in accessibility of these drugs (heroin). The matter is made worse if there is no positive vigilance by the parents or the guardians.

Jessica comes from a setting whereby there is seemingly a lot of drug trafficking activities in the neighborhood, and a mother who lavishes with money and other luxuries yet is devoid of the sense to keep abreast with the daughter’s progress and social life (most parents make the mistake of working so hard to provide for their children, an act that is highly commendable, yet they unfortunately on the other hand forget to monitor their children’s behavior).

Some of the consequences of drug abuse include, addiction ( Jessica begins by visiting the heroin dens once in a day then sometimes, goes to the den three to four days), withdrawal (Jessica becomes withdrawn, months after she gets addicted). Delinquency and crime set in when one is already addicted to a substance, or a drug, but cannot get the means of accessing the drugs. The addict ends up doing anything within means to acquire that which will help in the procurement of the drugs.

In Jessica’s case, she resorts, together with her friends, to stealing and lying to get money to buy drugs. Drug use also causes illnesses and a sense of despair in life. Psychologists posit that this is as a result of the consciences command for change, a feat which the addict cannot achieve. This is always epitomized by suicide attempts as is seen in Jessica’s case. Drug or heroin dependency also ushers in stigmatization and rejection. Jessica tries to reverse the situation by replacing her friends with new ones but she is always shunned.

Dabbling with drugs or heroin leads to eventual death or sudden death. The latter occurs as a result of an overdose. Jeff, Jessica’s brother dies in October 11th 2003 from heroin overdose. Drug dependency is an illness like any other since, it affects like any other disease, the physiological processes of the human body. Again, like other sicknesses, it affects a person’s entire being, the social, the physical, and the intellectual elements of a person.

All these areas of Jessica’s life were ravaged, to an extent that she thought that suicide was the best recourse out. Similarly, it is also treatable and manageable through therapeutic means ( and also counseling). Jessica was able to be treated through clinical administration of other drugs. Although it is not said, it is highly possible that she must have been counseled, no wonder the resilience she portrayed in the fight for her freedom. However, unlike other diseases, it is always self induced (Kelleher, Mac Murray and Shapiro, 1998 pp. 90).