Preliminary and Learning, Vol. 12. No.2? Analysis

Preliminary information


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Faculty perceptions of multicultural
teaching in a large urban university


Silvia M. Bigatti, Gina Sanchez Gibau,
Stephanie Boys, Kathy Grove, Leslie Ashburn- Nardo, Khadija Khaja, &
Jennifer Thorington Springer


June 2012, Journal
of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Vol. 12. No.2?

of information


The article is mainly about the
importance of faculty for multicultural education. How the faculty help
higher education. What positive influence faculty has on higher education.


Authors write this article is trying to
illustrate the benefit of faculty for university. What prevent faculty engage
into multicultural education. The article includes introduction, methods,
result and discussion parts. It is arguing for that faculty can have good
result to higher education. They made survey in many universities to prove
their argument.


This article is written for general
public and students.  Because authors
use common words to write and give definition to some terms.  


They collect the information from some
official institution such as Multicultural Teaching Community of Practice
(MTCoP). Most information get from respondents by asking them open ended
questions. They make survey to obtain data as well.







Our goal was to examine faculty
perceptions of multicultural teaching, including how faculty define and
practice multicultural teaching, what benefits faculty perceive of such
practices, and what barriers may prevent faculty from engaging in multicultural
teaching (introduction).


In some university, only few individuals
are fitting certain demographics (e.g., gender, ethnicity, or age). Thus, it
may not represent the general trend.


l   What is Multicultural Teaching answer: encourage students in the
classroom to share their own experiences.
l   engaging in multicultural teaching was to enhance student learning
experience and exposure to culture.
l   Benefits: increased cultural sensitivity
created a
more inclusive and safe climate in the classroom
and respectful and provides students with a balanced view
l   Barrier: student resistance
lack of
knowledge of multicultural teaching and skills

Quotations or sections for paraphrasing

Table1 and Table 2; page 82 B. What is
Multicultural Teaching; page 83 D. benefits of Multicultural Teaching. II.
Method. A. Participants. and Procedures parts.





and argumentation


pedagogy: the method and practice of
teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept.


All in all, institutions are needed to
solve the barriers of multicultural education. There are many benefits of
multicultural education. It can create a diverse learning environment for
students, and they can encounter diversity in a variety of ways and access to
students from different racial, religious, country, sexual orientation, age
and class backgrounds. The benefits of multicultural teaching outweigh the
costs of time and effort. Some research indicated that the ability for
multicultural teaching to promote democratic ideals in the classroom, which
may then be mirrored in society long after a course is completed.


Multicultural education is crucial in
modern society. No one should ignore its importance. Especially university,
they should pay more effort to form a diversity university.


Personal Reaction

University should accept students from
different nations. A diversity university is crucial for social development.
University cannot refuse a student just because his racial or nations.

Strength of Case

This article is based on survey. The
answer of respondents may not be trust fully. In some case, author just try
to make audience agree with him by repeatting a point.