Power every day on our scooty? Krupa- Yes

Power of sharing

We entered our favorite food joint pushing the heavy glass door,
the aroma of pizza, garlic and cheese filled the air we went and ordered a
margarita , garlic bread and cheese dip.

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I was super hungry and just could not wait for my order to
land on my table and have a big bite of it .Finally, there arrived a  medium box pizza and a small box of  garlic bread and my most lips smacking cheesy
dip. I opened it and AHHHHHHHHHHHHH………………………..

Distinguished toast masters, Guests  and my dear fellow youth leaders, A warm good
evening to one and all.

The whole crowd at Dominos was staring at our table as you
all are staring at me right now . don’t you all want to know what happened I
had just  freshly caught my dad dipping
his garlic bread into my 2 tea spoon cheesy dip which I was very very
possessive of.

My dad had frozen in the same position as he was, to know
what sin  he had made in the world. My
mom sitting there abashed , staring at me and questioning my behavior. Finally
my dad got defrosted from the position and asked politely (there was not much
of an option for them to react at that time) , my dad asked “what went wrong
Krupa? ” It was ,,,,It was,,,, my cheesy dip which was hard to share ,,,,
share,,, even with my dad. Lucky enough I didn’t had my younger brother then
otherwise my two tea spoon cheesy dip would be equally divided.

My mom could have bought an another dip , but I guess she had
something else in her kitty.

A few days later, my mom while cleaning the house asked me

Mom –  Krupa, Do you
remember the construction site we pass by every day on our scooty?

Krupa- Yes Mom , I even remember that cute little Kid we
observe everyday playing with the sand and stones at that site.

Mom – Would you like to share something with that little kid?

Krupa – Unsure uncertain I reluctantly said Yes,,,,

My mom brought a carton full of toy which I no longer played
and had grown little bigger for them . we sorted the toys according to the age
groups in to three little packages to distribute it to the kids.

Unconsciously I was driven into the pathway of a beautiful habit
of Sharing. A pathway that could be a dream for the people on the other end.

I couldn’t wait to hop on my mother’s scooty and be a Santa
to those little kids.

And believe me my friends, when I saw the Kids unbox the toys
and chocolates attached, I felt extremely satisfied. The happy faces of the kid
and their parents was something which still remains vivid in my memory.

My parents secret mission target was achieved in giving a
precious lesson of life, which I could carry through out my life and it was

My reward was same Dominos cheesy dip and this time it wasn’t
hard to share at all and we all busted into laughter…………

If you knew what I know about the power of giving ,you would
not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way , said Gautam Buddha.

Recently, my mom was just telling me about Christino RONALDO
whom everyone knows as a famous football player. Rather than keeping the award
in his already packed trophy room he auctioned his golden boot for 1.2 million
Euros. The funds went to the war-torn Gaza for building school for children.

It is not only sharing food, it is all about sharing
knowledge, care and humanity ones thought, an idea. Real people make perfect
angel like our Mother Teresa if she hadn’t shared her love and care we would have
had many orphans on the street today. I am so overwhelmed to be sharing the
land in which such great humanitarians are born. SHARING IS CARING.

We even heard instances of sharing blood, vital organs like
kidney with near and dear ones  this is
what I am speaking of power of sharing ,my friends,,,,,.

If Isaac Newton wouldn’t have shared his knowledge of gravity
to the world, we would be still wondering how in the world we are upright and why
not head down and legs up.

said by JEAN-NICHOLAS BOUILLY. What a wonder full thought my friends.

World has always remembered the people who shared and
sacrificed rather than people who accumulated, don’t you all agree….

Other day my dad stole a small piece of chips from my brother
bowl and he too reacted as I did with cheesy 
dip but now he has an elder sister to teach POWER OF SHARING…………