Powell dropped out and Ginevra dumped him

Powell 1Noah PowellMrs. DoyleAmerican History 1-223 January 2018F Scott FitzgeraldFrancis Scott Fitzgerald was a short story writer who wrote The Great Gatsby. The Great Gatsby is the definitive socal history of the Jazz era. Francis’s was born to a alcohol Dad and an adoring mother. He was able to live wealthy and privileged.  Francis went to Princeton for college and was part of theater production writing scripts. He was the president of the Triangle club which is a very prestigious. Francis also started dating Ginevra King. Francis then started to fail and dropped out and Ginevra dumped him . Francis admitted back into Princeton but it did not go any better. He goes and joins the US Army but then realises that he really want to write down all his writing ambitions. He never got deployed because the war ended not to long after.   After he was discharged, he started to work on his first novel called “The Side of Paradise”. The main character is Amory Blaine, who is a part of the middle class. He falls in love with two high class ladies and is rejected by them.  The novel was about the twenties which was going on at the time. It represented the twenties really well and was well selling. It was mostly an autobiography. That is when Francis’s writing career took off and he started to make some money.A little after writing the “The Slide of Paradise” which was about affection and the adoring money. He married Zelda and they traveled to Paris. Francis was having money troubles because of the way he was living so he wrote another book. The book was “The Beautiful and the Damned” was failed to sell and was poorly written. His wife then developed schizophrenia and was treated at many mental health clinics. During that time, Francis wrote and finished the Great Gatsby, which was the best representation of the jazz era. The Great Gatsby is known to be a masterpiece of a novel and is Francis’s best work. The book wasn’t famous until the 50’s. Now it is taught in every U.S. high school. The problem is that Francis Scott Fitzgerald may have stolen the novel idea and creation from his wife. Francis also had one child who was born in 1921. Her name was Frances “Scottie” Fitzgerald. Francis was drunk and had a hard time with coming up with ideas for his books. He moved to France before he finish The Great Gatsby. After he finished The Great Gatsby, he started to have a hard time and ended up as a scriptwriter for Hollywood. Francis’s cousin was the one who wrote the Star-spangled Banner. Francis died when his heart attacked him.