POLICY Policy is a set of basic principles



Policy is a set of basic principles
and connected guidelines, formulated and enforced by the central body of an
organization, to direct and limit its actions in pursuit of organizational

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What are Policies


Policies are a type of:                         A governing tool                                A


Policies provide guidelines
and a framework for the organization. Policies should be formed with the consultation
of all relevant members/employees, discussion debate and shared experiences. Policy
is a fundamental tool of any organization and must be held in the shape of “Policy
Manual” which must be available to all sectors of the organization. Policies
should not be made and implemented to react to a current situation or challenge.
They should be formed and implemented proactively so that when a challenge
arises, they can be referred to for guidance. The governing bodyshould
formulate policy. Polices do not have to be lengthy, wordy documents –
sometimes a one paragraph statement is sufficient.




Policies are formed as a “directives”
for decision making. It should be subject to much consultation before
implementation. Policies act as a guideline for any organization and should be given
more importance. Policies can be of different types. For Example:


Complaints Procedure – How Complaints could be lodged?


Policy: How safety of the employees will be ensured.


Employment Policy: How employees will be


Management Policies: How firm’s finances will be provided, who will have the authority
to sign the cheques etc


Policy:  termination of employment


of Interest Policy: for Board Members


and Racial Harassment Policies


Organizations can
make specific policies as per their requirements.