Playing a part of my Master’s program.

Playing video games and computer games
since childhood led me to develop a strong curiosity to understand how a
computer program can construct games. As a result, this emerged as a strong
desire for Game Design and Development, particularly in designing Artificial
Intelligence for Game development and study the Unity 3D for game designing and
development and many more software’s that are helpful for designing. My present
goal is to study Game Design and Development and subfields such as Game
Development using Artificial Intelligence and all the related applications of
these field through a Master’s
program in Entertainment Arts and Engineering Masters Games Studio (EAE:MGS) at
University of Utah. My long term goal is to conduct advanced research in these
domains and their applications in diverse fields.

Games are rooted in educational theory, it is
important to understand that the potential behind serious games is more than
mere speculation that people like to play games and therefore will like playing
games for learning purpose as well. Learning games reflect several important
pedagogical theories. International video game revenue is estimated to be
$81.5B in 2014. In 2015 it was estimated at US$91.5 billion. The
17-page study, titled “2013 State of Online Gaming Report,” pulled data from a
variety of sources like comScore and eMarketer to find that 17% of the
world’s population play games. It is also found that 44% of the world’s online
population are gamers. According
to a national survey conducted by the National Institute on Media and the
Family (NIMF), 92 % of children and adolescents aged two – 17 play
video games and global video game market revenue including smart phones and
tablets is $66 billion and expected to hit nearly $80
billion within
the next three years. A recent
video game debuted
with more than $800 million in sales in just 24 hours! As grown-ups, we need to
leverage the tremendous popularity of video games as an effective tool for
youth. I would like to conduct further research in this area as a part of my
Master’s program.

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Based on my studies in Game Design and
Development, I have designed and coded 4 PC and Android Games. In my Under
Graduate course, while studying Artificial Intelligence we found some drawbacks
in our current attendance system. Hence we planned to tackle these drawbacks by
finding new methods to replace the traditional attendance management followed
across many colleges. This research led us to publish paper entitled as ‘SURVEY
Furthermore, we have built our UG project for the same issue of attendance
system. The project comprises of teacher generating a dynamic QR Code
using lecture details such as lecture hours, subject name etc. Student can mark
the attendance for that lecture by scanning the QR code generated by teacher.
At any point admin can generate attendance report for any class in file format
so that it will be easy to store the attendance. A static QR Code for library
purpose is assigned to every student and staff. Issuing a book and returning
book details are maintained through it. Analysis
of traffic conditions inspired us to research about new techniques that could
be used to minimize traffic violation and haphazards caused due to traffic
issues. Ultimately me along with my colleagues published another paper titled
I have also filed a patent for the same proposing some revolutionary changes in
current traffic management system.


Since school days, I have always
focused on striking a good balance between academics and extra-curricular
activities. Although being an average student in academics, I am quiet good in
extra-curricular activities and I have actively participated in many technical
and non-technical events such as inter-college robotic events, gaming events,
quiz, football tournaments etc. I am a good sportsperson and I have
achieved numerous prizes for football tournaments, cycling, swimming and
marathon at interschool as well as district levels. I am excited to be a part
of ‘University of Utah Football Club’ and various technical events hosted by
the university on and off campus.


I plan to take courses ‘Entertainment Arts and Engineering Master
Game Studio (EAE:MGS)’  during my MS at
University of Utah to explore the domains 
in IOT that are used  in these
areas. I am highly interested to work with Roger Altizer, Jr. (Rahjur) who is the co-founder of
the Entertainment Arts and Engineering Program at the University of Utah.
He also co-founded an indie game co-op, He spent a decade as
a games journalist as their work aligns with my research interests. With
my background in Game Design and Development and experience in Artificial
Intelligence, IOT & Game Design, I am confident that I will be able to
contribute to the projects in these Game labs. Under the supervision of the
renowned researchers and lecturers at University of Utah, I am confident that I
will gain all necessary knowledge and skills to work with a Research and
Development based organization in the future.