In business and newly employed staff would be

In most organisation/business, procedures are undertaken in recruiting staff into their business/organisation. Argos Extra also has a procedure the business uses in recruiting employees into their business. The process of recruiting staff is as follows: Recruiting Staff Process In Argos Extra, the store would have to recruit new staff at some point because the store needs new staff into their store.

For the recruitment to take place, the Human Resources Department would be involved in the recruitment process because they would have to discuss with other department on which applicant that should be contacted. When staff is being recruited, it may be due to some certain reason, such as, someone leaving the post to another job, retiring, having children, etc. Staff could also be recruited due to the reason that the vacancies in the store has arise because of the growth of the business and newly employed staff would be needed to meet the needs of this expansion.

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Planning for Recruitment When recruitment is being planned for, the recruitment process has to base on the job wish for call for. Recruitment has to be planned in way that someone is leaving then the position in the business then the post has to be filled in immediately so that job does not piled up for the next employee. The recruitment process has got a certain time when everything has to be planned, that is, the planning, selection and appointment for the new post.

The planning of recruitment has to be understandable in way the written document is relevant, the application is received, and also sort through the application, arrange for interview, the appointment is being confirmed and then all the arrangements would be completed in order for the position to be handed to the newly employed staff. When recruitment is being planned, the job that is required has to be made clear in order for the people to understand. There are two documents that are important during this process, which are the job description and the person specification.

The next thing to do is for the job to be advertised so that people can see the post that is being advertised for everyone to see. Then the job has to be advertised so that people can see the post that is being advertised for everyone to see. There are different ways in which this job can be advertised so that business can get the awareness of the people. The newspaper is one source for advertising jobs and it is also one of the most common source of advertising jobs or any other thing and when this job is being advertised, it would target those that are interested in business area, for example, Sales Assistant, senior Administrator, etc.

After the job has being advertised, then it would take some time before the application forms start to be received from the candidates. There is normally a closing date for all application forms to be given in. Then when all application forms has being received on/before the closing date, then the copies would be made and given to all members of staff that would be involved in the selection process. When the selection process has being considered then candidates would be given application pack which would include details about when the interview would take place, what the format of interview would be in and so on.

Once the closing date has been reached then the application forms would have to be screened. The application forms are screened in order for the business to know the candidates that have met the criteria and have the rightful job description and person specification from all other candidates’ application forms. Those that do not meet the criteria that has being laid down would be safely discarded. Selection Process This is about selecting the rightful candidate required for the job in Argos Extra.

Argos Extra have to employ candidate that have met business criteria and who also would be right for the role requested for and the candidate would fit into the business perfectly. Candidates being interviewed Every organisation/business have got their own way of interviewing candidates, some organisation/business may interview candidates on separate days so that forthcoming candidates never meet. There is a possibility that the interview may last one or two (or sometimes even more) days depending on the organisation/business.

The interview may contain a series of discussion sessions, presentation, written tasks, tests and sometimes video session. For the session to take place, the business/organisation is trying to build up a picture of the candidate and the employers are also trying to decide whether they can do the job and if they are fit for the job within the organisation and if the candidate can work effectively and efficiently with the rest of the people in the business/organisation.

When the interview is taking place, the candidate could be asked to take a test; this test is basically a series of questions that would be asked by the employee to the candidate. When this test takes place, it gives the team members that are asking the candidates questions a way of seeing their strength, weakness, attitude, communication skills and also their understanding. Task 3c Appraisal means a report made by a qualified person setting an opinion.

While performance review system could be defined as a meeting and then use the opportunity to receive and discuss feedback on performance of staffs; to talk about progress and identify achievements; to consider individual contribution to the section, department or centre and; to highlight hindrance to more effective performance; and to identify training and development needs. This is to ensure that members of staff have a structured framework for reflecting on their work.