Phones tracking purposes they might say they

Phones is a easy way to access during emergencies, something
could be

happening at the school or such as using the phone for after

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activities like sports or field trips. The cellphones could
be used for in class activities like kahoot, quizzlet live, edmodo or even quia
links to help students with test or upcoming lessons. Students could also use
the cellphones for calculators, research, and projects. At some schools the
internet tends to go in and out having a cellphone they could still do their
work with no problems. Like for an example it could be a bad storm coming a
students are still in school doing work and the power goes out they would be
able to use their phones to finish up what they were doing in class. It is also
easy to turn on or turn off during a test in class you can turn them off and
when finish turn them back on it’s that easy.

 Parents would like to
keep in contact with their child and make sure they are where they are supposed
to be. Most of the time parents use their child’s phone for tracking purposes
they might say they are doing something but the parents can track them to see
what they are actually doing. Sometimes students could get caught up with the
wrong group of people and start doing made things such as drugs, stealing, and

bad things. Teachers also like to message students about work
or anything they have done in class when students are absent this is a good way
of contacting the student and parent. Cellphones could be good for memorizing
to do homework or to take pictures of notes in class and to do when you get
home. While in class teacher could say remember to study for your test tomorrow
students could set a reminder on their phone to study and what to study on when
they get home. Having a break from the class like going to lunch, going
outside, or going to them gym those would be good places to use cellphones so
they wouldn’t get bored. When they have free they could listen to music or
watches movies on their phone. 48% of teachers warn their students about
upcoming test or quizzes.