Phil his company start up and its

Phil knight
focuses on defining what customers thinks about Nike. His concentration and
vision create the road to achievement and success. He established an organized
business that can have a big ability in providing   the
most important values than  his main competitors.
He had a massive edge in starting because he was able to identify how other
competitors are performing in the shoes and apparel sports industries.



When Nike’s
sales began falling, Phil Knight believed that  Nike needed to do a  shift in its thinking. As a leader he knows
that Nike was a promoter to top athletes. He make  big changes and create new strategies  to save the brand (NIKE).

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Phil knight
has increased the  wages of  workers, improves and enhances  the monitoring and  coaching of workforce  practices, and make sure that  factories are developed.


Phil Knight  has changed the company  from a product-oriented company to depends
more on  a marketing-oriented one. He
began appealing to the everyday customer; he believes that the elements and
characteristics of the product itself are a big part of the overall marketing


In 2012, Phil
knight was enrolled into the Basketball Hall of Fame as a contributor in being one
of the sponsor and  big financial support
of basketball players in the United States.

Knight is always strives to make his business succeed.
Creating a private culture and
new policies within Nike was one of his main mission, vision and goals. By
sharing his vision and goals to his people, he has established an
organizational culture that depends highly on increasing the level of
communication between people from the top managers to workers.


In April 2016
, Phil knight  launched his book “shoe
dog”  memoir by the creator of Nike and
talk about the inside story of his company start up and its development into
one of the most world’s profitable , successful and iconic brand.


Knight’s desires for achievement
and prosperity have pushed him to make Nike a pioneer in the sportswear
industry. Everything started with a handshake between Knight and his college
track coach. A company was born, and Knight evolved it into a global
manufacture of athletic footwear and apparel. He turned Nike into one of the
most successful company.