Personal have acquired proficiency in program management,

Personal Profile

I am an accomplished Logistics and Supply Chain professional with 23 years broad industry working experience and strong operational skills. I have served World Vision for  15yesrs with World Vision Zimbabwe and World Vision South Sudan. Currently I am with World Vision South Sudan as Supply Chain Manager.  Over the years I have acquired proficiency in program management, resource acquisition (proposal writing including log frame and budgets), logistic operations, warehousing, transportation, clearance, procurement and engineering maintenance experience, multifaceted -project management, staff management( International  and national), humanitarian coordination with government and other actors.

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 I have been intimately involved with leading cross functional teams within the Supply Chain function. I have vast experience in business optimization and a strong negotiator at achieving significant cost reduction results. I am able to articulate solutions and suggestions to upper level management and implement strategies for  supply chain operation and supplier/vendor performance metrics successfully.

Supply Chain Operation: Hands on and leadership experience across a range of logistics operation functions including air inbound and outbound transportation, warehouse  and  inventory management, distribution center and Custom brokerage, Contract management, , management experience in procurement, order management, demand  and  supply planning, strategic  development of internal and  external industry alliances, demonstrating organization, direction and transportation and movement of all goods. Well-developed business and supply chain understanding attained through diverse assignments in operation and, business development, program management.




Master of Business Administration (MBA) (National University of Science and Technology)

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (National University of Science and Technology)

Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management (Project Management Institute of Zimbabwe)

Qualified Mechanical technician holding: City and Guilds 11, National Craft Certificate, Advanced National Craft Certificate



Consortium for Southern Africa Food Emergency Response (C-SAFE), January 2003, Zimbabwe.


Monitoring, Reporting and Accountability, February 2004, Zimbabwe.


Hostile Environment Awareness Training, , 2011


Humanitarian Logistics Training. Commodity Management Training, September 2006


HAP and SPERE standards training, 2008


Emergency Logistics, NFI and ICT Training  2013




Experience and capabilities

Supply Chain Manager


Formulated procurement and Logistic strategy that line up with Global Supply Chain
Formulated and insured implementation of sourcing methodologies that meet Global Supply Chain
Provided policy and technical advice on all aspects of procurement and logistics


Ensured procurement transactions were carried out in accordance with World Vision International financial guidelines, policies and procedures.
Schedule Procurement Committee Sessions and play the advisory role on Supply Chain Management fundamentals, policies, guidelines and ethics
Supervised  and e reviewed of each requisition for completeness and ensure that appropriate sources/competent suppliers are identified, bids invited and evaluated and orders awarded based on application of best practices to obtain consistent value for money.
Ensured Purchase Orders processed in a timely manner and that users are kept informed on the status of their requisitions and movement of goods.
Reviewed contract documents for purchases of goods and services and ensure that contract terms adequately protect the interests of World Vision and where negotiations are necessary ensure that they are conducted in a professional, ethical and transparent manner.


Ensured compliance to FPMG requirements with respect to receipt, storage, transport and delivery of World Vision cargo at the primary warehouse in Nairobi and in country warehouses.
Managed the flow of information and goods in the supply chain in a manner that optimizes the use of resources and utilizes market opportunities as they arise.
Liaised with users to help in need identification, procurement / logistics planning and prioritization to achieve optimal and responsive service delivery.
Liaised with finance and other departments to ensure invoice payments are properly documented / approved and are done in a timely manner.
Networked with other agencies engaged in similar business to leverage common opportunities in procurement and logistics operations.

Performance management

Planning and coordinating departmental meetings to review status of tasks, and updating management on the progress of the departments’ functions.
Evaluating supply chain business process and identifying Key performance indicators (KPI’s) to be used to monitor the processes.

Vendor management

Maintained list of sources of supply and explore/investigate new or alternative suppliers.
Represented the organization in dealing with vendors, in so doing foster and preserve an image of integrity and courtesy so that mutual respect and confidence is established between the organization and its service providers.

Controls and compliance

Regularly evaluated control measures used to manage risk in all supply chain business processes and guide management in development / improvement of control measures as necessary.
Ensured consistent adherence to control measures and compliance with World Vision supply chain policies and guidelines.
Reviewed all Procurement Documentation from the Zones and H/Office and Sign off ahead of the next level review/approval

Staff development

Continually monitored supply chain staff performance to ensure a match between individual staff skills / competences and the tasks assigned, and to facilitate optimal team performance.
In the process of supervision, work with Human Resources Department on staff development through effective performance appraisals.

Systems development

Regularly reviewed the existing supply-chain operating procedures, systems, structures and manuals and update as necessary to cater for Program’s growth, technological and operational changes.


Area Team Leader: Emergency Response


·         Supervised of Area Team program and operations teams to meet Response needs.

·         Conducted operational planning to ensure effective coordination & timely delivery of response activities.

·         Conducted Area program implementation to ensure achievement of response goals and objectives.

·         Developed reporting and implemented operations reporting systems to support timely and accurate response reporting.

·         Implemented Response security operations according to safety standards with support from the Security function.

·         Administration: Coordinated with Support Services for provision of funds, staff, equipment, vehicles & supplies to ensure rapid program implementation.

·         Operations: Identified, reported and referred operational blockages caused by external actors to Operations Manager to be addressed through advocacy.

·         Compliance: Met WV minimum quality standards and support improvement, reflection, learning and innovation in sectors.

·         Relationships: Strengthened relationships with the local stakeholders, the UN and other INGO/NGOs, and improved opportunities for advocacy and collaboration aligned with Response program priorities and responsibilities.

·         Resource Acquisition: Supported the development of proposals to meet needs identified at Area and community levels that are aligned with the WV South Sudan Response plan.

o    Human Resources Responsibility:

o    Identify capacity building needs and plan for training for relevant staff.

o    Oversee and plan adequate staffing for the area of intervention.

o    Liaise with Human Resource Department in Juba to ensure that all HR procedures and policies are followed.

o    Ensure that performance agreement and reviews are completed in a timely manner.

Liaised with Human Resource Department in Juba on all HR related matters including staff well-being.


Senior Commodities Officer: WV Sudan context: Warrap State, Upper Nile State, Unity State

Commodities Management and Implementation:

Had overall responsibility of Food Assistance programme in 5 Counties of Warrap State (namely Gogrial West, Gogrial East,Tonj North, Tonj East and Tonj South). Has prior experience in Upper Nile State and Unity State on a similar role. Prior to the current role I joined World Vision South Sudan as Commodity Officer for Tonj North only in 2009.

·         Experienced in proposal writing including the Log frame and the budgets for Warrap State. Managed the projects to ensure that there is no over expenditure.

·         Participated in key humanitarian meetings, including networking with other humanitarian partners, donor and UN agencies, and FPMG.

·         Coordinated with other sectors for propose innovative ideas for integrating food as a resource into other sectors

·         Performed logistics tracking of all commodities from point of origin to destination, accounting for all commodities received in person or through a delegate of World Vision and comparing counts to waybills and other legal documents.

·         Managed all warehouses in the designated area under World Vision’s control to ensure safe, orderly, clean, and vermin-free storage.

·         Maintained inventory control and conducted at least monthly physical inventories to ensure that losses are controlled in storage.

·         Prepared distribution plans in coordination with the project partners to ensure the timely delivery of the required commodities at each distribution site.

·         Maintained complete lists of all program beneficiaries; including, types, quantities, and dates of rations received by each (as verified by signature or thumbprint of the beneficiary) and reconcile with original consignments.

·         Set up complain and response mechanisms in all final distribution points.

·         Established post Monitoring and Distribution systems in final distribution points.

·         Ensured timely billing and certification of all food commodities distributed.


Human Resource Management

·         Engaged in the identification and recruitment of staff and ensure proper training and development of capacity building in terms of reporting and documentation.

·         Guided staff to develop an individual operations plan (IOP)

·         Evaluated food aid staff, promoted and rewarded excellent work.



·         Liaised with local authorities and delegates to see that proper coordination is being maintained.

·         Coordinated with reporting division to ensure reports are received in a timely manner.


Program Coordination experience: WV Zimbabwe context

·         Performed strategic planning, co-ordination, monitoring and overseeing the overall implementation of the school and institutional feeding program.

·         Represented WVZ in WFP working groups in working with stakeholders such as government, beneficiaries.

·         Established and maintained a comprehensive database of beneficiaries of the program.

·         Monitored, recorded and reported on the program outlay on monthly bases through CTS reports.

·         Facilitated capacity building training of field monitors , cooks and others groups on School Feeding and Institution Feeding programmes.

·         Managed the  program budget and ensured accountability of resources


Logistics Experience

·         Performed logistics planning, monitoring, movement including the over-seeing the safe custody (storage) of all food commodities and non-food commodities entrusted to the care of World Vision Zimbabwe. This encompassed in-country movements and movements in secondary warehouses including receipts, storage and delivery of all commodities in line with the with WVI standard.

·         Ensured accuracy commodity tracking system monthly report on transactions in primary warehouses and ensure that the deadline for reporting is met.

·         Trained logistics staff on warehousing standards according to World Vision commodity manual, Food Aid manual, rodent and infestation, Title 11 Regulation, Sphere standards.

·         Tracked all food commodities from port to destination of food commodities received by WV and other consortium agencies under C-SAFE being CARE and CRS. Provide consolidated in-country consortium receipts and weekly stock holding and checking CTS reports.

·         Ensured all losses and damages are dully recorded and claimed in line with WVI standards.

·         Ensured that distribution plans are used as a source for generating Commodity Dispatch Authorization and these should be duly authorized.

·         Led in the process of proper scheduling and delivery of commodities to satellite warehouses also ensuring that the status of the roads is ascertained, and the transporters have road worth vehicles and are dully contracted.

·         Facilitated importation and clearance of food commodities and other program assets. The process includes receiving documents of goods and assets from Donors and request for import permits and request rebate letters and sends the documents to the clearing agents.

·         Managed of inbound and outbound transport contracts.


Procurement and Stores experience

·         Managed procurement, storage and distribution of food and non-food items including engineering spares and stock reconciliations.

·          Expediting purchased products and ensuring imported products are cleared.

·         Established procurement, storage and distribution systems including using and establishing MRP, minimum order quantities, economic order quantities and bills of materials.

·         Evaluated and measured performance of external service providers using applicable performance metrics in order to ensure quality of service, efficiency of delivery are standard specifications.

·         Liaised with user departments and set re-order levels for the items required in the plant.


Project Management experience

·     Prepared budgets proposals, cash flows and scheduling for Engineering projects implementation for Dunlop Trye manufacturing company.

·         Procurement of capital equipment  for the projects

·     Supervised qualified apprenticeship trained artisan (fitters; electricians, instruments technicians, welders) and sub-contractors to ensure specifications are met.

·     Negotiated supply contracts with suppliers of spares and specialized services.

·         Commissioned projects and preparing progress payments for contracts as per agreement.


Mechanical fitter (artisan) experience

·         Attended to mechanical breakdowns including planned maintenance scheduling and implementation. Plant installations .Supervised shift workers (engineering artisans and semi-skilled) and training apprentices.

Career History

Supply Chain Manager (February 2015 to date)

To efficiently and effectively manage the Supply Chain department and ensure that it responds in a quality and timely manner in meeting the Program’s requirements, while upholding World Visions procedures and maintaining high level of accountability and integrity


Area Team Leader: Emergency Response (May 2014 to January 2015)

Lead the assigned Upper Nile Area Response Program Team in the development, implementation, oversight and evaluation of all programming, with emphasis on emergency response operations and quality control, as well as staff performance. Ensure that they are effective and meet the designated goals and objectives of the program, the donors and the target population.


Senior Commodity Officer (Upper Nile State then later Warrap State) (2011 to April 2014) ;( Commodity Officer –Tonj North (October 2009 to 2011) -World Vision South Sudan

Planned and implemented of Food Assistance program which encompassed logistic coordination of the receipt, storage, dispatch, distribution, monitoring, and documentation, accounting and reporting of commodities within the standards established by World Vision and WFP


District Coordinator (2009)-World Vision Zimbabwe

Planned, coordinated, monitored and over saw the overall implementation of the school and institutional feeding program.


Logistics Officer (Warehouse co-ordinations) (2006-2009) -World Vision Zimbabwe

Planned, monitored, movement of assorted commodities including the safe custody of all food commodities entrusted to the care of World Vision Zimbabwe and this included in-country movements and movements in secondary warehouses.

Warehouse Manager (2003-2006) –World Vision Zimbabwe

Planed, monitored and ensured the safe custody, storage of food and non-food commodities entrusted to the care of World Vision by donors. Ensured proper documentation of food commodities in all World Vision warehouses.


Buying and Stores Manager (2001-2002)-INSCOR- Africa

Managed procurement storage and distribution of food and non food items


Engineering Projects Officer (1998-2000) – Dunlop Zimbabwe Ltd

Managed engineering department project budgets, projects procurements,project planning and implementing of engineering projects. Supervision of artisans


Buyer (1997-1998) Dunlop Zimbabwe Ltd

Procured and imported raw materials for the tyre manufacturing process and engineering spares for the machines.


Mechanical technician (Fitter and Tuner)   (1994-1997) Dunlop Zimbabwe Ltd

Attended to mechanical breakdowns and planned maintenance on a heavy duty manufacturing plants. Installed and commissioned of tyre manufacturing plants. Tasks performed included, machining spare parts and repairing boiler plants, hydraulic presses, mixers, extruders, crushers, pumps, compressors and gear boxes.

Apprentice training: Mechanical Engineering (1990-1994) Bulawayo Polytechnic and Dunlop Zimbabwe Ltd


LANGUAGES:    English, Shona, Ndebele, Zulu



Excellent knowledge  and use of :  Lotus Notes, MS Excel and Word, Pastel, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and MS Access and Commodity tracking system.



Daniel Wang’ang’a Famer Director FPMG

[email protected], +27825507058; +272851700


Eric Yunusu : Food Assistance  Manager-World Vision South Sudan

[email protected] ; [email protected] or +211954629193/+211928218754



Fungai A Matura (Advisor SVV- Zimbabwe)

[email protected] or +263 7725