‘Peace, different but interconnected words.To promote peace

‘Peace, justice and strong
institutions,’ are three different but
interconnected words.To promote peace in a society, justice must be given at
all levels and to give justice, unbiased and strong institutions must be
developed to give justice. Thus, we see that peace, justice and strong
institutions together comprise one of the pillars that are required to develop
a sustainable society.

develop a sustainable society, we must ensure that people living in the society
must be free from all forms of fear and violence and feel safe as they go about
their lives, whatever their ethnicity, faith or sexual orientation. To achieve
this sustainable development goal, we need effective and inclusive public
institutions at all levels, that can deliver quality education, healthcare,
fair economic policies and inclusive environment protection, courts, and other
peace keeping institutions.

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check that peace and justice thrive in the society, it is important that
various governments, civil servants, non governmental organisations should work
together to develop methods to reduce violence, deliver justice, combat
corruption and ensure participation of all sections of society at all times.
These organizations must ensure that the people of society must have full
freedom to express their views. They must be able to contribute decision that
affect their lives and the society because it is them for whom these decisions
are being made. The laws and policies must be applicable to all without any
form of discriminations because discriminations brings injustice and injustice
means the failure of our institutions. The National and local institutes must
be held accountable and need to be in place to deliver basic services and
introduce other policies of the government without the need for bribes.

is very important to see how does peace, justice and strong institutions affect
one individual. We know that crimes such as homicides, trafficking, and other
well organized crimes threaten the foundation of peaceful societies. Not only a
society or a group of people, it disturbs the foundation on which a nation is
built. Even the world’s greatest democracies face major challenges in
addressing corruption, crimes and human rights violation for everyone at home.
Without justice, peace will not thrive. It will give rise to conflicts,
insecurities and armed violence. Violence, in all forms, has a pervasive impact
on societies. It affects children’s health, development and well being and
their ability to thrive. It causes trauma and weakens social inclusion.
Inability to easy access to justice means that conflict remains unsolved and people
cannot obtain protection. Institutions that do not function according to
legitimate laws are prone to arbitrariness and abuse of power and less capable
of delivering public services to everyone, which in long run will result in

an individual, what we can do to promote this goal of sustainable development
is to take genuine interest in what our government is doing. We should spread
awareness in our community, educate the masses about the realities of violence,
rise above caste system and stand as a national of our country, the importance
of peaceful societies. We should know our rights with which we can hold our
elected officials into account. We should exercise our right to freedom of
information and share our opinion with our elected representatives. We should
be the positive change we wish to see in our society. We must respect people of
different backgrounds, ethnic origin, caste, creed, sexual orientation or of
different opinions. It is only when we change ourselves, we can bring a positive
change in the society and help to develop the society in a sustainable way.