Patience, fishing and aquire the skills that

Patience, calmness, and persistence are all virtues that make up the sport of fishing. While I was growing up the traditions of fishing were a huge part of my childhood and upbringing. When I was young I used to be extremely active and found it hard to sit still for any period of time. With the guidance of my Grandpa, Dad and my Uncle which was his twin brother, I was finally able to develop the same love of fishing and aquire the skills that I will use in every aspect of my life. I became addicted to the catch. I would sit patiently waiting for the rod tip to bend or just the slight sensation of the little nibble you can feel through to your hands, knowing the exact moment to set the hook.  While under the water, the fish unknowingly takes a bite on the hook thinking its his next meal, tries everything to get away.  As I developed the true makings of a fisherman, I also began to appreciate everything that surrounds it. It creates times of bonding with family and friends, countless memories, unique story telling, as well as being outdoors and becoming in tune with nature. As a boy, I had no idea that the lessons I learned on the water would later benefit me in life, but here I am 10 years later beginning to understand what fishing has truly done for me. 

Patience; the ability to relax, asses, and understand. Success truly does come to those that are patient and those who purposefully wait for an opportunity. Patience also allows individuals to appreciate the process, and respect whatever it is they desire. Whether it be a pay raise, promotion, or simply a personal benchmark, those who are patient will find a true sense of fulfillment when that achievement is accomplished because they learned to respect and to appreciate the process. Like fishing, all the stories and memories shared while fishing are often times equally as important and meaningful as the actual catch. Patience can be learned, developed and eventually applied in almost every aspect of our lives. 
Calmness; the ability to relax, asses and understand in the midst of chaos. Being calm is a very applicable and important trait in life. With the ability to take a deep breath and address the best course of action will often times give an individual a competitive advantage. In fishing, calmness is necessary once the fish is hooked. Waiting for the right timing of when to reel or pause while bringing in a fish, eventually bringing it in closer and closer is an essential part of the catch. In society, calmness allows individuals to have a sense of comfortability during those “frantic escapes” or crucial instances. Calmness can give an individual the ability to act with confidence during times of spontaneity, and chaos, which is an essential responsibility of a business leader. 
Persistence; the refusal to give up, and the demand to meet one’s goal. In fishing, persistence will ensure a catch. A fisherman can apply all the techniques and methods he chooses, but at the end of the day it’s his willingness to keep casting his line that will eventually bring him success. Just like in the business world, those who refuse to give up, will eventually find success.
Not only has fishing brought me cherishable memories and stories, but it has also taught me lessons, and developed skills that I will implement in many aspects of my life going forward. I learned to respect the process, appreciate the opportunity, eventually leading to a lasting sense of fulfillment when I have achieved the task at hand. I will forever be grateful for the art of fishing, and the three mentors that introduced me to it. 

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