Part understand the content that is being

Part A – Email

Contacting a professor about an unexpected grade can be kind
of nerve-wracking at times. It is good to approach the situation is a
professional manner and to look over the situation as level-headed as possible.
There are certain things that you want to make sure you check before reaching
out to your professor. Take a look over the reasoning for their grading and see
if you can understand why it was graded in such a way. Make sure that you
completely understand the content that is being graded. If there was a grading rubric
provided for the assignment, double check the rubric and make sure you have
done everything in a proper way accordingly.

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When reaching out to the professor a good form of contact
could be sending an email. The subject of the email shouldn’t sound aggressive
or overly confrontational. A good example of a subject for the email could be “Question
regarding recent grading.” A typical greeting and body for the email could be “Hello
professor! I’m reaching out to you in regards to the grade that I received. I
wasn’t expecting to receive such a grade and I believe that there may be
something I am possibly overlooking. If you could please meet with me so that
we can discuss the grading process I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!” The
way you speak may sound partially passive-aggressive but you don’t want to appear
as trying to put the blame on the one that is in charge of the grade that you
receive. If you reach out in a positive and level-headed manner it can
definitely have an impact on the chances of your grade getting changed.

Part B – Voicemail

When communicating via phone you will find that often times
people are busy and you will find yourself needing to leave a voicemail to
pursue communication. For example, if you were reaching out to an engineer for a
company in regards to a product that you have been discussing you want to make it
easy for them to communicate back initially. You also want to keep the message professional
and include any important non-sensitive information. Make sure that you also
always leave a good way to contact you in the beginning and the end of the
voicemail. This ensures that if they reach the end of the voicemail and don’t
get a chance to write your number down immediately they don’t have to listen to
the entire voicemail again to get your contact phone number. Such an experience
can be very off-putting. A good example of a voicemail for this situation would
be: “Hi! This is James reaching back out to you in regards to the product we have
been discussing recently. My phone number is 386-123-4567. I’m looking to schedule
a time with you that we can meet to go over some things. If you could please reach
back out to me at 386-123-4567 so that we can schedule something. Again, my phone
number is 386-123-4567. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing back from you!”

Part C – Presentation

A presentation is another form of communication that can
greatly be used to try to help people understand the importance of a certain
topic. For a presentation it is good to have structure that easily lays
everything out in a way that flows well. For an example, creating a business presentation
promoting a new wireless network in a community park. A good introduction, point
of presentation, information, and closing statement are key in delivering an
effective presentation. The following form of presentation could be used in
this situation: “Hello everyone and welcome! My name is James Covington and today
I am going to be going over why I believe a new wireless network in the
community park would be important to our community. To begin I would like to
say that I am sure we are all well-aware of the current state of the cellular
reception in certain areas around our town, specifically those around the community
park. In this day and age wireless communication is very important, especially
in densely populated and high-traffic areas. It is not only a safety issue but
also a matter of convenience. Traveling through the area and having more
information about the area available at your fingertips is a great way to
promote more local business in the area as well. In summary I believe that creating
a new wireless network for this area of the city would be of great benefit to
everyone not only in this immediate area, but everyone that visits and travels
through as well. Thank you all for coming out today and I hope you all can
witness and take advantage of a new wireless network here very soon!”