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Paige Camerlin
Assignment 1

1. Identify & profile the 2017 Baldrige Award winners. Include the category they won in and a bio of the company.

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Bristol Tennessee Essential Services (Bristol, TN)- “An electricity and fiber services utility company.” Won for small business sector.
Stellar Solutions (Palo Alto, CA)- “A woman-owned small business specializing in technical expertise and management of aerospace programs.” Won for small business sector.
City of Fort Collins (Fort Collins, CO)- “The City of Fort Collins’ has a “Aaa” credit rating and ranks in the top 10 percent of cities nationally as a place to live and work, and for quality of culture and recreation, job opportunities, air quality and attractiveness.” Won for nonprofit sector.
Adventist Health Castle (Kailua, HI)- “A160-bed acute care facility and community hospital system on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu.” Won for healthcare sector.
Southcentral Foundation (Anchorage, AK)- “A nonprofit, health care organization owned, managed, and driven by Alaskan Native “customers-owners”.” Won for healthcare sector.

2. Report on the Baldrige application process, how do companies apply, what is the cost, about when are the award winners named, who will likely announce the awards in 2018?
The application process consists of two main parts; submitting an Eligibility Certification Package, and submitting an Award Application Package. There are set due dates and requirements companies must reach before submitting their forms. The six award categories a company can enter in are service, small business, manufacturing, nonprofit, education, or healthcare. The cost to enter the Eligibility Certification Package is $400 and a separate fee which varies depending on the organization for the Award Application Package. Feedback Reports are completed during the September-December timeframe. During this time, companies will receive a feedback report and those who have been selected as an award recipient will find out. The award ceremony takes place in the Spring, or later if it is “to be decided” on. Traditionally, the U.S. President presents the awards, therefore, the 2018 awards will most likely be given by Donald Trump. 

3. Baldrige history – since its inception, how many awards have been given, over how many companies?  Have any companies won the award more than once, if so who are they? 
One hundred-eighteen awards have been presented to one hundred-two organizations. “Seven organizations have received the award twice: MEDRAD, Inc. (2003 and 2010); MESA (2006 and 2012); MidwayUSA (2009 and 2015); The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. (1992 and 1999); Solectron Corp. (1991 and 1997); Sunny Fresh Foods, Inc. (1999 and 2005); and Texas Nameplate Company, Inc. (1998 and 2004).”

4. Find a company that has implemented Six Sigma (not Motorola or GE) and report on their experience.
Amazon is a successful company which has used a number of Six Sigma concepts. When hiring employees, they tend to recruit from top schools like MIT and Carnegie-Mellon, if they have bright, intelligent people working for them, the company will see more success. Amazon also takes the route to train their employees as Six Sigma “Black Belts.” With Amazon’s use of Six Sigma methods, “they were able to reduce variation by actively seeking it out using DMAIC, Root Cause Analysis, and similar tools. They reduced waste by cutting spending, eliminating none-value-adding process stages, and cultivating a Kaizen-based company culture.” Amazon maintains an excellent customer service system and is devoted to their high position.

5. Explain what DMAIC is an acronym for and how it’s used in Six Sigma.
DMAIC is an acronym for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control. DMAIC is a data-driven quality strategy used to improve processes. It is a five-step approach to business that is a useful component of Six Sigma. The main goal of DMAIC is to eliminate expensive variation from business and manufacturing processes. The steps involved in DMAIC used together with Six Sigma implementation, can essentially turn a business around. This backbone of Six Sigma is implemented to give an ongoing performance free of errors, as well as competitive quality costs, in the long term.