Mountains and friends

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Jed Brown messaged me to see if I was available to celebrate his birthday by having a barbecue on the summit of the Maiden. The Maiden is a formation in the Boulder flatirons, an arresting slither of rock located on the […]

Alpinrunning in Chamonix Valley

Chamonix is one of the places for outdoor sports. Mostly well know for Alpinism, has been developed during the last decade for other sports as trail running, paragliding, mountain bike, slakline, BASE and wing suit jumping… With easy access from airport and routes this valley has been from […]

Making An Insulated Running Shoe

By Joe Grant. In the trail running off-season this winter, I’ve been riding my fat-bike a lot on dirt and snow. One of the challenges I’ve found with winter riding is keep my feet warm. Compared to running, my feet get very little stimulation on the bike so […]

The anonymus idols #2

A friday evening the headlights of a van light up the routes of the mediterranean coast to the east. Some hours before the eyes of a fireman and a policeman shine when they see the a sunny weather forecast on the Alps, some hours after, the backpack is always […]