P1’introduction’: of Clinical Nutrition in 2011 showed that

P1’introduction’: Junk food is one of the main health problems that most of us face, some might even cause memory problems. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2011 showed that healthy people who ate junk food for only 5 days performed poorly on cognitive tests that measured attention, speed, and mood. It concluded that eating junk food for just five days regularly can deteriorate your memory. P2: Junk food could also lead to other problems, and one of these major problems is that it Lessens your ability to control your appetite, which would be the reason to be overweight. You will keep on eating without realizing that you’re actually damaging your own body and health. It also may lead to having more than three meals a day. P3: Overconsuming junk food can cause chemical changes that would lead to depression. A study conducted at the University of Montreal on mice showed that they suffered with withdrawal symptoms after their regular junk food diet was discontinued. in humans, these withdrawal symptoms can lead to the inability to deal with stress, make you feel depressed and eventually you would turn back to those foods to comfort yourself and to feel much better which won’t help you learn how to deal with your life problems.  P4: Also, one of the most dangerous causes that may occur from overconsuming junk food is losing patience, that might lead to hurting your family and damaging lots of relationship between yourself and a friend of yours. Eating a sugary cupcake or doughnut may temporarily spike your blood sugar levels making you feel happy and satisfied but as soon as they return to normal you are left feeling irritable.  P5: A study conducted at the Brown University shows that too much fatty food and sweets can substantially increase the insulin levels in our body, which would be dangerous in the transportation of glucose to fuel the body. Thus, it would cause a person to feel broken and lazy.   P6’conclusion’: Fast foods are specially designed to be addictive in nature with high levels of salts, sugars and fats that make you crave them, and for that reason you should work on yourself to have a better health in the upcoming days. Food consumptions in the United States have increased with 25% of people now consuming junk food diets. It’s never too late to save yourself and the people around you.