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Trellick tower (see figure 3) was built nearly 20 years later than Pruitt-Igoe, at a time when modernist architects and their high-rise tower blocks were facing a very negative reputation, as local authorities began to realise the social problems they caused. Goldfinger intended for the tenants to be vetted for suitability and petitioned the Greater London Council for the building to have a concierge, but these ideas were not adopted. This meant that the building was open access and rough sleepers and drug criminals took up residence in its corridors.4 By the late 1970s Trellick Tower was a scene of crime including rape and the assault of a child, and anti-social behaviour, and many tenants resisted a transfer there. One resident, Fatouma, remembers often returning to her parents’ house because she was scared as a single parent. However Trellick tower provides an unusual example of how modernist architecture can be rectified. In 1983 a concierge was built along with a door entry intercom system. From here property prices rose, flats became desirable residences and was awarded Grade II listing (in 1998). This showing there were undoubtedly key design flaws in modernist architecture. High rise blocks designed in a way to fit as many residents as possible was simply not the right answer and largely failed to consider the social impacts, being to hung up on Le Corbusiers ideology. However this does not mean to say they couldn’t be rectified, too many buildings were knocked down in a rush to solve the extensive crime problem without looking at solid, thought out improvement plans.

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