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Reflective Paper Unit 3
Lynda Su Yuan-Hwa Benaissa

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Negotiation is an indispensable aspect. It is present everywhere and at different levels. Whether in our professional lives and also personally, it is very present in our lives as entrepreneurs. Knowing how to negotiate, or at least starting to learn how to negotiate, is an obligation for all entrepreneurs. By becoming more powerful at influencing others, which is not negative when done for a legitimate purpose, your confidence will skyrocket. It was found that successful negotiators all had common qualities and common characteristics. The best negotiators are not the ones who bargain hard and uncompromisingly. The reason for negotiating is If you do not ask, you will never know the answer. There is interest in negotiating, asking because you do not know what is going on in the head of your interlocutor. Negotiating is without a doubt the fastest way to make money without effort. You have to ask, because you have absolutely nothing to lose, and you have everything to gain.

    Talented negotiators usually always seek a satisfactory solution or arrangement for both parties. This is called a ‘win-win’ situation. A common trait among all talented negotiators is to ask a lot of questions. They are always trying to understand at best what you are trying to get from trading. Any good negotiator knows how to be very patient. The success of a negotiation is 90% based on its preparation. The more you are prepared for negotiation, the greater your chances of finding an outcome that will be satisfactory for both parties. 
    The BATNA must be clearly defined before starting a negotiation or you will be struck by a bad agreement when you find yourself blocked by the opposing negotiator. But above all, never show that you need to win this negotiation. First of all, the person with whom you are negotiating must know that you want to find a satisfactory agreement for both parties. Your interlocutor must think that you can always go elsewhere and that the case is not won yet! Always try to discover the other negotiator’s BATNA: what are his options if he does not do business with you? List them and take a little time to analyze them because whoever has the most choice and weight in the negotiation is one step ahead! Since we are talking about negotiation power, there are 7 strategic factors that influence this perceived power. 
Weight: who is most important for the other? Choice: who has the most options and possibilities? Information: who holds the strategic information? Influence: who has the most power of nuisance? Time: who has the most time to find another solution? Sanction: who can impact the other by negative consequences? Legitimacy: who is most legitimate in its demands for concessions?
For example, when an employee wants to negotiate its salary with the company, he knows that he is the most competent worker and he had brought added value to the company, his BATNA is, therefore, to leave the company and job-hop to the opponent company with their good employee benefits and salary. 
Studies have shown that there are six universal shortcuts that guide the behavior of humans in negotiating :
The reciprocity, people feel obliged to give something back in form, either of gift, service or in the way of acting if they received something first.
The need, for example in 2003, when British Airways had announced that it will no longer fly in Concorde London – USA because it was not profitable, the sale of its same flights had resumed. Whereas before anything had changed compared to the Concorde neither did fly faster and the service remains the same nor the plane ticket had dropped. But it had simply become a resource that was going to be scarce and so the result was that people wanted more. The authority, idea is that people will follow informed and credible experts. The coherence, wants people to stay consistent in the things they say or do. The affection is based on the fact that people prefer to say yes to the people they love. The consensus, 
people will watch, observe the attitude of others in order to determine their actions and behaviors.

    In conclusion, there is nothing more powerful and quick to increase one’s confidence than having successfully negotiated the desired result. On the other hand, there is nothing more effective to skyrocket his confidence than to think he has missed out on a bargain by getting a poor result. It is also in this sense that learning to negotiate is crucial. These skills are an important part of developing any personality, self-confidence and personal accomplishment. Being a good negotiator, your trust is strong and you are much more positive towards yourself and others in all that you do.