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Jimmy was born in England in the year 1967. He spent his early life in South America, Africa, and Asia. Naturally becoming immune to other cultures and his interest grew strongly in the uniqueness of difference.  Becoming bald at the age of 16 because of an illness known as Alopecia Totalis, was a very hard pill for Jimmy to swallow. Increasing stress with his parents working abroad while Jimmy was alone at a boarding school was the reason he developed the bizarre disease. He left the boarding school that caused a lot of stress and tough times in his life. And he then started a trek in Tibet. Thus trip unveiling to the world a lot of ground that was commonly unreachable until Jimmy took travels. One of many many trips where he photographed his jersey. This particular trip lasted about a year. I pretty long time for a young man like Jimmy. When he returned home he became a photojournalist. His first job. He covered a lot of global issues in that time with his camera. 
Soon after this monumental trip to Tibet that had a giant effect on Jimmys career, he was commissioned by Shell oil to do a 30 month project in China. He also worked in a project with the war in former Yugoslavia. After that time he married a Dutch girl named Ashkaine Hora Adema with the similar photography interests. They together produced “Literary Portraits of China” and that was the 30 month project in China. What a way to begin a marriage! Maybe he called that the honey moon and killed two birds with one stone! 
Jimmy and his wife do work together, and that is doing commercial advertising with some of the world’s leading brands. This they are successful at and they do it right. They both at the same time did something very different in the photography industry, and that was they used a 50 year old plate camera (it must now be 60 or even 70 years old) to capture their images. Jimmy and his wife’s first project “Literary Portraits of China” was merely a coffee table book. But what Jimmy and Ashkaine was more than just a picture book, they were capturing the life of rural China. 
 His love of photographing cultures is still very strong. Awards with Jimmy’s work came naturally. Jimmy still travels the world to this day with his old cameras in his new spirit. commercial photography is still his passion. He is currently doing part two of his project. His work is world-wide. One of Jimmy’s favourite spots besides Asia is Africa. Most of his work is done in Africa now actually (well at least more recently). He has a great passion for culture and that is something that interests me greatly. I think I have the same passion he does, but just in a different field. A field that is melodic. 

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This photo is actually really spectacular. I mean c’mon. The last time I saw black people and camels together I was at the Zoo. 


Now this is just straight up stunning. This guy looks like he’s in the Lion King for real. 


And I don’t know about you… but I ain’t messin’ with this guy ever. This is just crazy, Jimmy really had some big cajones to photograph this badass. 


Alright, when I look at this, I get the chills. What’s more badass than a crazy lookin’ dude on a white horse holding a falcon at the top of a mountain? That’s right. Nothing.


Another risky photo taken by Jimmy. I would be sweating taking this picture. Actually scratch that. My finger would probably be on the lends cause I would be so GD scared this guy was gonna eat me if the flash went off.