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Amazon is an online retailer that provides companies the option to sell their products on the website and additionally provides the company with the option of fulfillment by Amazon. The website has an expansive number of customers that visit Amazon, which makes Amazon really attractive to smaller and newly established businesses. Amazon also has their own products which are branded as AmazonBasics, a low-cost brand with good value products. Amazon was established on the fifth of July 1994 after Jeff Bezos (CEO and Founder, Amazon.com) had recently quit his place of employment as the vice president of D. E. Shaw on Wall Street. Because of the exponential growth of the internet, he knew he needed to make a business on the world wide web. He thought of various business ideas however the one he adhered to was the possibility of an online bookstore named Cadabra that would later go on to become Amazon.

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The mission statement of Amazon is as follows: “to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices.” this mission statement really represent their vision really good, which is to the most centric company and be available worldwide. Amazon is one of the companies with the best customer service which is believed to be one of the attributes that have contributed to the success of Amazon. The majority of Amazon´s core values is focused on satisfying the customer, this would be valued like Customer Obsession, Earn Trust, and Deliver results.   

Amazon is a publicly traded company owned by millions of shareholders across the world and owned by index funds like the S&P 500 and Vanguard Total Stock Market Index. Amazons IPO was on the 15th of May, 1997 starting with a market cap of around $441,000,000 and has now grown to an incredible market cap of $623,820,000,000.

Amazon is both a B2B and B2C because of its wide range of customers, which include companies selling their products on the e-commerce site or companies getting their orders fulfilled by Amazon and also Amazon selling their own products “AmazonBasics” on the site to their customers. Amazon´s has a wide variety of customer segments, because of the many different products sold on the site Amazon can be attractive to almost everyone.

Their high level of customer service makes the experience of ordering products online more pleasurable and makes the customers return next time they need something bought from the internet. 

Their distribution network is massive and superior to competitors making it possible for extremely fast shipping, which customers can take advantage of with the Amazon Prime program.

The brand Amazon is easily recognizable and well known around the world, this can really benefit Amazon while trying to enter new international markets.
Customers are not able to pay with Paypal because of its competitor eBay had ownership in Paypal, but eBay still remain Paypal´s biggest customer so they have no interest in dealing with Amazon.

Amazon is in a very low-profit margin market which requires them to gain huge amounts of sale volume in order to create a profit.

Amazon appealing to a very wide variety of demographics could hurt them, because customers sometimes want a brand appealing to specifically them.
Amazon could increase the number of their own products, because of the higher profit margins.

Amazon could create smaller e-commerce sites selling more niche products and appealing to specific demographics and lifestyles.
A growing concern for internet security and identity thefts could really hurt Amazon, because this could make customers go back to brick and mortar stores.
Amazon will need to take customer data and privacy extremely serious so they can make sure it is safe, they also have to get higher profit margins by widening their own product line.