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Packers and Movers in Mumbai

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Be it your choice or the situation’s call, everyone has to shift his or her home for at least once in his lifetime. And to do it with utmost perfection and ease, you need to think wisely and act smartly. It may sound as a very meagre or minor thing but is actually a very tedious task if not done in the proper way. 

And you have visited the right place to know about every small and minute details about it.

So let us see what are the important factors and points that should be kept in mind while shifting home.

Mumbai is one of the densely populated city, situated in the west coast. Being the heart of the bollywood industry, it is one of the most popular cities in India.

Mumbai has got its residential areas in Bandra, Andheri, Navi Mumbai, etc and hence most of the packers and movers provide their services there. Mumbaikars are considered to be very advanced and choosy, they have got to practice this trait while choosing the right moving company very wisely.

Types of shifting in Mumbai :
Apart from being one of the most suitable place to reside in, Mumbai is also a hub of many industries and factories. So different people will require different type of shifting, depending on their personal or professional requirements. For eg: a person owning a car showroom will require a car relocating team if he wants to shift his showroom to some other place and so on. And we will not only just list the best packers and movers but will give a detailed information about their services and type of shifting they provide.

So depending upon the people’s requirement, there are many types of shifting provided by these moving companies. : 

Home relocating
Car relocating
Office relocating
Corporate shifting
Data centre shifting
Antique moving
Fine art moving

Types of packing in Mumbai :

Safety and protection is first priority for anyone while shifting, and we make sure that you get the trusted and reliable team.

Fibreboard boxes and cartons : They are cheap and are used for not-so- fragile things. They can withstand mild pressure and jerks. 

Wooden cases : They are more expensive than cartons but give a better protection. These are suitable for those goods which are fragile. Also, their strength and protection capacity depend on the type of wood used to make those cases.

Wooden crates : These are suitable for wooden packages built like a skeleton. Sometimes, it is used as an outer package to consolidate fibreboard boxes or give cartons extra protection. They are considered best for vey docile and fragile commodities.

Lift vans : These are used for household goods such as tables, chairs, cupboards, glassware, brassware, etc., They are mostly used to transport from one country to another. They are unit loads specially built for the purpose. They are generally made of wood, lined with waterproof material on all sides and additional metallic proofing on the roof to prevent damage by rain and sun.

There are many more, and must be chosen according to the type of the commodity.

Comparing cost, discounts, etc.

Cost is a very important factor while deciding the right company. Different types of shifting will have different amounts by different companies. So comparing the rates of different companies is a must. And to make it easy, we will provide you the precise and the detailed rate chart  so that you can decide accordingly.

Here is rough price chart for house hold shifting :
1 BHK 2BHK 3BHK   Bike       Car
Within City   ?500 ?7000   ?10000 0         0
100 KM apart ?8000 ?10000 ?13000   ?5700 ?8000
300 KM apart ?12500 ?14500 ?17500 ?10500 ?14500
500 KM apart ?15000 ?17000 ?20000 ?13500 ?19200

Working procedure in Mumbai :

The working procedure is simple and fast here :

You will be provided with the contact details of your chosen company and they will visit the house on your desired date and time.
After the visit and the acknowledgement of your goods and other requirements, they will give the quotation to you.
If you agree to the detail, then they will confirm your booking on your desired date.
The labourers will visit your house on that date and will start packing and loading your goods.
They will drop your goods at the destination, and meanwhile you will have a constant contact with their driver.

FAQ about packers and movers in Mumbai

Question 1 : Does quotation price include Toll booth charges?

Answer 1: In most cases it does. However in certain cases packers and movers companies will tell you about it

Question 2 : Can I use my own labours for the loading and unloading of goods?

Answer 2 : Yes you can. But please inform the moving company in advance

Question 3 : What is Octroi? Do I need to pay it for every state?

Answer 3 : Octroi is special type of transportation tax. It need to be paid only for certain states like Maharashtra

Question 4 : Do I need to pay some amount in advance?

Answer 4 : Yes. Most companies in Mumbai prefer to take certain amount in advance

Question 5 : Can I track my goods and check records, receipts and bills from anywhere?

Answer 5 : Yes, You can do that by using your order id and phone number. You can track your good live on map

Question 6 : Is insurance of goods compulsary?

Answer 6 : No, Insurance is not compulsary. Its totally upto you, if you want to go for the insurance. We recommend you to get your goods insured if it is too valuable or fragile

Question 7 : Do I need to pay more if I can’t accept delivery on arranged date

Answer 7 : Yes. Normally packers and movers in Mumbai charge some amount for keeping your goods in warehouse.