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Cricket is a team game, which includes 11 players. The equipment of cricket are, bat , ball , stumps, gloves , pads , helmet , spike shoes and many other body guards.  The skilled required for this sports are, a person should know how to hit a ball with a bat. There are many shots which a player can play, for example, reverse sweep , cover shot , leg drive , flick , helicopter, upper cut, and many more. The match is played between two teams. The toss happens, to chose a team, whether they want bowl or bat first. Two batsman of a team and 11 players of other team are at the ground at a time. There are two innings and even four innings in test match. One bowler bowls the bowl to the batsman. ODI cricket includes 50 overs of a game for each team, which takes 3:30hr for a team to complete. T20i cricket includes a game of 20 overs , which takes 1:30hr for a team to complete (this can vary). In test cricket, the game is of 5 days, which makes it longest played game in the world. There are 90 overs a day in test cricket. In cricket, the team has a wicket keeper, 5-6 batsmen, 4-5 bowlers, 1-2 all rounders. In a bowling side, there is a player called wicket keeper, who keeps the wickets, a bowler who bowls a over, and other nine are there for fielding basis, which the team by saving the boundaries. The health benefits of this games are, it builds stamina, endurance and there is a lot running in this game, which helps the body to stay fit and healthy.
A batsman can be out in numerous ways, but most common are, if the batsman hits the ball, and the ball doesn’t touches the ground and a fielder catches it, the batsman is out. One more is that, the bowler hits the stump behind the batsman, LBW is one more way of a batsman can get out, in which if the players body is in front of the stumps and bowls hits the body, especially leg, then the batsman is out. Runout is also a way. If a batsman hits the ball and passes the boundary line without touching the ground, then it is a “Six” which means it would give a team 6 runs. If bowl touches the boundary line, then it is a four. Player can also run between the wickets to get 1 run. 

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