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I am pleased to write this
letter of recommendation in support of Ms. Richa Gangele’s
application for the L.L.M program at your esteemed institution. I
have been the principal of Symbiosis Law School since 2007 and have
taught Richa ‘Media Law’ during the 8th
Semester. She participated in a Summer School Course on
‘International Relations’ from Oxford University in 2011. It is a
pleasure to acknowledge that Richa was the sole student chosen from
her batch for a summer Internship in New York under the guidance of
the then Deputy Chief Administrative Judge of New York City Courts
and Director of New York State’s Access to Justice Program Hon. Fern
A. Fisher in the U.S.A. in 2012.

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Her academic record is
exemplary and she has always maintained uniformity and consistency in
her grades. Richa has successfully tackled all subjects with ease,
which was a part of the course where advanced technical knowledge of
the law is coupled with fundamentals of business management. She
always tried getting a broad exposure to diverse areas in the legal
field through her various internships with eminent lawyers, law
firms, and non- governmental organization. Richa also excels in
extracurricular activities. She had served as an active member of the
Legal Aid Cell and the Moot Court Society. She had brought up a
number of insightful, thought-provoking issues related to social aid.
Her contribution to judging the International Technology Law Moot
Court Competition held at Symbiosis Law School, Pune in 2012
established her leadership skills in no uncertain terms.

Richa was an exceptional
student in law school. She has a high degree of commitment and
sincerity to her work and academic pursuits. She has an immense
experience and exposure, litigating in India for the past four and a
half years and providing legal assistance to various companies. I
believe that Richa getting admission to your Cornell Tech LLM program
will provide her with a good platform to combine theoretical and
practical based training in law and help her in achieving her goal of
understanding the benefits and problems faced in the digitalized
world. I believe that Richa will perform with commendable
distinction and bring laurels to your institution. I wish her all the
success in her future endeavors and I am confident that Richa will do
well in whatever field she chooses with her drive, perspective, and
team spirit. I express my strong support for her application to your