Oyster among oyster is V. vulnificus, and

Oyster is a kind of seafood with promising nutrition value1. Its protein efficiency ratio,
essential amino acid index and biological value suggest that its protein has superior
quality. And its fat content is predominantly polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) with
high portion of n-3 fatty acids. Apart from that, It’s rich in macro-minerals as well as
trace elements (selenium in particular). However, properly preparation for consumption
can be relative complicated even hazardous if not careful. For one thing, the shell of
oyster can be tricky to handle. More importantly, the various microflora of oyster is a
noticeable risk. A typical pathogenic bacterium that is common among oyster is V.
vulnificus, and It may also include Serratia spp., Proteus spp., Clostridium spp. and
Bacillus spp2. Therefore, a processed, ready to eat oyster snack not only provide the
consumers with a nutritious choice of food, but also save the customers’ time and
cautious required for appropriate cooking.

Oyster pudding is a novel product inspired by traditional pudding, For pre-processing,
high pressure processing is applied to the raw oyster material for the purpose of
harvesting the oyster muscles. The novel part of this product would be homogenizing
the raw oyster and use the homogenate as main ingredient of pudding. This snack form
of oyster also the combination of milk and oyster has no precedent, which shall make
this product qualified as a novel food. This new product would be ideal for foodies who
seeks a healthier diet and brand new flavor adventure. And the application of High
Pressure Process in pre-process of oyster material not only reduced the labor intensity

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of the material processing but also help with erasing hazardous microflora, which
further guarantee the safety of the product 2,3.


Notification section
Common name: Oyster Pudding

Manufacturer: Seafood Maniac Limited Liability Corporation
Address: 933 N Black River Rd, Glenelg, NB E1N
Product description:
General procedure of manufacturing:

1.Freshly harvest oyster with shells are sucked out with High Pressure Processing (HPP)
at 276MP for 1 min with a temperature controlled around 4°C2,3.

2. Wash the shell-excluded oysters with purified water (at a constant temperature of

3.Transfer and homogenize the oyster with milk and garlic powder by homogenizer
under a temperature below 4°C and above 0°C till there’s no solid part with a size larger
than 1 ?m.

4. Transfer the homogenate into sterile heating container and control the temperature
between 121 °C to 162 °C, add table salt (NaCl) and sugar (sucrose), blending for
appropriate time4.

5.Add arabino-galactan into the container and keep blending thoroughly till the mixture
barely starts to boil4.


6. Reduced the heat below 85°C while above 45°C and keep blending for appropriate

7. Cool down the mixture then distribute it to individual containers.

Product would be loaded to individual containers with a serving size of 200 g. Food-level
plastic containers and sealing films would be used for packaging. The loaded containers
would be placed in a 4°C -refrigeration house before distribution.

Storage and shipping:
Products required refrigerator storage and shipping under 4°C. The shelf life is 3

weeks5,6(estimated from the references refer to)
Safety information:

All ingredients are approved food ingredients, and the homogenizing of oyster has no
known risk of hazard uniquely associated with the processing.

The main safety concern of this product would be the oyster, the heating process would
be considered a critical control point. Though the HPP can also contribute to the reduce
of hazardous microflora, it would not be a critical control point. Therefore, according to
the government guidelines, there would be no additional validation requirement7.


Estimate levels of consumption by customers

1 serving size (200g) per day, as more than one serving size may lead to a exceed iron
consumption comparing to the Reference Daily Intake (RDI), for details please refer to
the labeling section’s nutrition facts table.

Text of all labels

For details, please refer to the labelling section.

Notification signed by Yujia Zheng, chief of Research and Development Department of
Seafood Maniac Limited Liability Corporation,

Date: Dec.10,2017.


Legislation requirement
Food and Drug Regulation

1.Sucrose is used as sweetener. It’s an approved agent with a maximum used of 0.04%
in products as consumed in pudding8.

2.Arabino-galactan is used as emulsifying, gelling and stabilizing agent. It’s an approved
agent with no required maximum level of use in pudding8.

3.Nutrient function claims can be made in appropriate manner as the calcium and
selenium amount in the product are above 5% RDI respectively1,8. And these claims
used are allowed according to the reference website. For specific details please refer to
labelling section.

Fish Inspection Regulation

1.The oyster used shall be freshly harvest and free from shellfish toxin when tested
before processing9.

Allergen-Free, Gluten-Free and Precautionary Statements

This product contains two priority allergens: milk and shellfish (oyster) and all are
ingredients with significant amount (not from contamination), therefore an allergen
declaration is required10.

This product may not be considered as a dairy product as it contains unsaturated fat
from oyster homogenate, according to the definition of Dairy Product Regulation11.


Bilingual Labelling

Bilingual labelling is required as the product is intended to trade nationwide12.



The required information for labelling is listed below. The French version text obtains
through google translator that may required further correction.

Principal display panel:


1.Cotains milk and shellfish10 (Contenir le lait et les crustace?s)
2.Good source of Calcium: aids in the formation and maintenance of bones and teeth13
(Bonne source de calcium: aide a? la formation et au maintien des os et des dents)
3.Good source of Selenium: helps protect against oxidative stress13
(Bonne source de se?le?nium: aide a? prote?ger contre le stress oxydatif)
Product name
Oyster Pudding ( pouding aux hui?tres)
Net quality
Packaged on: month/date/year, Best before: month/date/year
(Emballe? le: mois / date / anne?e, Meilleur avant: mois / date / anne?e)
Storage instruction: store in refrigerator (conserver au re?frige?rateur)


Display panel around the container:
Ingredients: Oyster · Milk · garlic powder· sugar (sucrose, arabino-galactan)· salt(NaCl)

(Ingre?dients: Hui?tre · Lait · poudre d’ail · sucre (saccharose, arabino-galactane) · sel
(NaCl) )

Manufacturer: Seafood Maniac Limited Liability Corporation, 933 N Black River Rd,
Glenelg, NB E1N

(Manufacturier: Socie?te? de gestion des produits de la mer Maniac, 933 N, chemin Black
River, Glenelg, NB E1N)